“Wonder Woman 1984” is unlikely to rain any cash at the Christmas box office – deadline

We usually avoided weekend box office previews during the pandemic as there was nothing to be pumped up due to potential ticket sales prospects, however, Warner Bros. said the release of a $ 200 million tentpole sequel Wonder Woman 1984 deserves a line, especially with its unorthodox Theater Day and Date HBO Max streaming schedule on Christmas Day.

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Don’t expect much, pretty much the domestic box office outlook, and that really has nothing to do with the HBO Max plan or the quality of the Patty Jenkins director film, which delivers equally, if not significantly more, to its first release in 2017. All lackluster box office results – and they are compared to the glamorous US $ 103.2 million domestic launch of the first film – are attributed to the U.S. / Canada exhibit structure that has been severely broken due to COVID.

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Far fewer theaters are open now than they were then principle was at: 40% of the 5.5K offer (around 2,300 cinemas) compared to 65% at the end of August. Canada is essentially closed and only 40 cinemas are open in the Great White North. Warners has booked the Gal Gadot-Chris Pine film in as many theaters as possible – 2,150+ – (up from 4,165 theaters when the first film opened on June 2, 2017), which is three days a year according to industry estimates $ 10 million Proximity, give or take. The couple of trade fair boosters WW1984 will include 175 Imax auditoriums, 375 premium large format sites and 90 drive-ins, including 22 in California and 11 in the greater Los Angeles area. The industry forecast for WW1984 is between $ 20 million $ 25 million. But you know, if the movie doesn’t hit those numbers, which wouldn’t be shocking, it’s only because no one is in the mood to go to the cinema during COVID. The only region of the US that does business is the south. In retrospect, when I look back, when principle Opened for the first time, who would have thought we would find ourselves in a worse situation?

Last weekend’s box office, led by Sony / Screen Gems non-starters Monster hunter With 2.2 million US dollars, only an industry weekend totaling 7.7 million US dollars per comscore, so everything – everything – that WW1984 is very much enjoyed by the cinemas. When Croods: a new age Played on Black Friday weekend, resulting in a total BO weekend of $ 13.06 million, and that was the start of the decline in the exhibition during this latter half of the 2020 pandemic.

Already, WW1984 is 38.7 million when it was first launched overseas. The Rotten Tomatoes Score has fallen from 89% on December 16 to 80% certified freshness, as opposed to 93% certified freshness in the 2017 edition COVID the obstacle to ticket sales, not RT. WW1984 will hit both theaters and HBO Max for the first 31 days. It will remain exclusive to theaters from days 32 through 61 of its release before it hits regular Windows home entertainment downstream.

While we’ve thoroughly analyzed the serious damage the Warners-HBO Max 2021 plan will have to the domestic box office in the long run, it’s hard to say how much of the BO HBO Max will steal from theaters in this case World War 1984. How is that? Because most of the country’s theaters are closed, including DMA Drivers Los Angeles and New York and number 2 on the Regal chain. To create a feature that could be seen by as many people as possible, Warners went with the Cinema and HBO Max plan. As a one-time anomaly and exception, the rollout is for WW1984 Makes sense for many sources of dissemination and exposure for the pandemic; It’s the entire 2021 release schedule that’s apocalyptic in the long run, either for theaters, Warner Bros., or both. The idea is that even if WW1984 over the holidays, this may be in part because the population is not fully aware that they can watch the movie for free (if they are an HBO subscriber) on HBO Max, despite the latest trailers, TV spots for the DC – Continuing have advertised that the film will be shown in both formats – a big change from the Warner Bros. ending slogan in the DC Fandome trailer spot “Only in Theaters”.

Warners didn’t want to stop WW1984 no more after changing the publication date several times. The image was originally scheduled for November 1, 2019, then moved to June 5, 2020 before the pandemic flipped this upside down a few times with the dates of August 14, then October 2, and finally Christmas Day. WarnerMedia claims they are finally releasing WW1984 for the fans. However, Marvel fans so far have no problem waiting for the first Disney MCU movie after April 2019 Avengers: Endgame, Black Widow, which is currently scheduled to arrive on May 7, 2021.

Johanna Leonberger (Helena Zengel) and Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd (Tom Hanks) in News from all over the world.
Bruce W. Talamon / Universal Pictures

Wonder Woman 1984 have to share the marquee in cinemas with reduced capacity with Universal’s civil war story staged by Paul Greengrass News from all over the world at 1,900 locations on the Christmas weekend. Tom Hanks plays a Civil War veteran who agrees to deliver a girl who was kidnapped by the Kiowa years ago to her aunt and uncle against her will. They travel hundreds of miles and face great dangers while looking for a place that can either be called home. Rotten Tomatoes is 88%. The studio has hopes for the film’s award ceremony. The picture should do plus or minus around $ 4 million.

Promising young woman
Focus functions

Uni’s sister label Focus Features has the crime drama Promising young woman which went off at Sundance and earned high praise for Carey Mulligan, who plays here against her good maiden type as a woman who seeks male prey, spurred on by a tragic event in her past. The feature film, written and directed by Emerald Fennell, 92% certified fresh, should be about enough $ 2 million in its wide publication. Both pictures are part of the university’s Short Window PVOD Share Deal with the exhibition.

Matteo Garrones has landmarks on the side of the road Pinocchio at 750 locations that represent the second round of Oscar winner Roberto Benigni with the Carlo Collodi IP, this time as Geppetto. In his 2002 film the Life is beautiful Made star / director, he played the title role. Pinocchio has already been released abroad for $ 20.4 million, 84% of which from the Italian homeland of the picture (or $ 17.1 million). Roadside had the YA drama Words on bathroom walls when cinemas first reopened during the August pandemic, which rose to $ 433,000 in 924 locations August 21-23 and ended its run in the states at $ 2.5 million.

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