Wilde files protest after silver at Triathlon Games

New Zealand triathlete Hayden Wilde has filed a complaint after a 10-second penalty cost him the chance to win Commonwealth Games gold in Birmingham.

New Zealand’s Hayden Wilde after a 10 second penalty as England’s Alex Yee wins the race.
Photo: photo port

Wilde combined strong swimming and cycling to edge Olympic silver medalist Alex Yee of England by 16 seconds heading into the final five-kilometre run.

But he was penalized after unclipping his helmet before putting his bike away on the final change, and had to retire for a precious 10 seconds in the penalty area as the pair entered the final straight.

Yee won in 50 minutes 34 seconds, Wilde was second in 50 minutes 47 seconds and Australia’s Matthew Hauser took third, just three seconds behind Wilde. Still only 24 years old, Wilde has now won Olympic bronze and Commonwealth Games silver and is rapidly building an impressive CV.

Wilde’s teammates Dylan McCullough and Tayler Reid finished seventh and eighth respectively.

A disappointed Wilde said afterwards that he had done everything he could and did not think he should have been penalised.

“I don’t think it was a penalty…I thought it was a bit unfair.

“I walked in like I always do holding my bike, I was holding my clip and I unclipped it and as soon as my wheel was inside the belt I unclipped it to use as a balance” , did he declare.

“But that’s racing at the end of the day.”

Wilde had built a useful lead over Yee, and said he wished he could have challenged him on home soil.

“I heard my coach on the side say you have 16 to 20 seconds and you just go with your pace and then hit it in the second round. In fact, I felt extremely good in the second round and I knew that ‘Alex was coming.

“That was the game plan to catch him and attack him. It would have been really interesting in the end.”

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