Why King’s Quest 9 finally needs to happen

Abandoned projects and a reboot have all prevented King’s Quest IX from officially taking place. Now is the perfect time for a ninth entry in the series.

One of the series that is most ingrained in the DNA of adventure games is king quest, the idea of Roberta Williams of Sierra Entertainment. Since it was first released in the 80’s, generations of computer gamers have grown up experiencing the games’ high-fantasy setting for themselves. king quest is an iconic series, but it hasn’t received a new mainline entry since King’s Quest 8: Mask of Eternity in 1998. Now is the perfect time to revive the series with King quest 9.

Despite a few spin-offs and a 2015 reboot, the series isn’t as popular as it used to be. king quest however, still has a legion of loyal followers, and it’s a shame there never was a ninth mainline entry. There have been several attempts to do this over the years Liven up the series with a King quest 9, and creator Roberta Williams has alluded to ideas for the game in the past. Several acquisitions and mergers have eliminated Sierra Entertainment, but that’s just one of the factors contributing to the problems King quest 9. There are other reasons why a ninth part never saw the light of day.


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One of the main reasons King quest 9 was originally canceled is that King quest 8 was loathed by his fan base and adventure game enthusiasts in general. Mask of Eternity just changed the formula of the game too much. Instead of focusing on a member of Daventry’s royal family, there was an entirely new protagonist. The game also dropped its signature cartoon-like art design and changed its gameplay from 2D to 3D. It was a king quest Game that didn’t feel real king quest. However, that is all in the past and now is the time King quest 9 finally happen.

Why King’s Quest 9 should be released now

King's Quest Walk

An episodic reboot of king quest was released in 2015 and received pretty good reviews and sales. However, it wasn’t the ninth mainline entry that many fans wanted. King quest 9 would be a great way to appeal to older fans and hopefully appeal to a new generation. Featuring classic adventure franchises like Sam and Max to be revivednow is the perfect time for a king quest Revival.

The demand for games from the 80s and 90s is currently high. Therefore everything off battle toads to Tony Hawk’s professional skater celebrates a comeback. King QuesIt could benefit from that nostalgia too, and the best way to revive its fan base is with a new mainline entry.

For nearly two decades, loyal fans have been asking for one King quest 9. At a time when classics are being revived and older series are in high demand, now would be just the thing. There might be a game that series veterans wanted and imagine king quest to a whole new generation.

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