Who is Eddie Soto? Age, nationality and Instagram of the VH1 star

Eddie Soto is one of the recurring actors in Season 3 of Cartel Crew. Let’s find out more about the VH1 star, from his age, relationship, nationality and more.

Cartel Crew season 3 airs on VH1 on Monday, June 7, 2021. The story of Eddie Soto and Kat “Tatu Baby” Flores is a main part of the first episode. Eddie and Kat’s drama is largely centered around his documentary. Parents have tried to end their relationship in the past, but it looks like things are officially “off” in 2021.

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Cartel Crew: Meet Eddie Soto

Eddie Soto is Kat “Tatu Baby” Flores from Cartel Crew. Together they share a son called Deniro.

Eddie is would have Mexican, but little is known about his age. Presumably he’s roughly the same age as his 33-year-old ex Kat.

On Cartel Crew, Eddie said he “entered the drug scene when he was eight or nine“and was”sentenced to five years in federal prison“.

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Is Eddie Soto on Instagram?

Yes, Eddie can be found on Instagram @eddiesotoofficial with around 65,000 subscribers. He’s also on Twitter @ EddieSo43356102.

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While things clearly haven’t worked out between Eddie and Tatu Baby, he’s now in a relationship with Katherine Rojas (@therealkatherinrojas).

Eddie seems to be doing well since his release from prison, judging from his Instagram account. He writes in his IG biography that he is a fitness and business coach.

Cartel Crew: What is Eddie Soto’s documentary?

During Cartel Crew Season 3 Episode 1, there is a lot of drama going around between Eddie and his ex, Tatu Baby, because of a documentary he created about his life.

His documentary is called My life through my eyes, but it does not appear to have been uploaded yet. Naturally, many would assume that My life through my eyes may be released on Netflix, but it probably isn’t.

In 2020, Eddie released a video on youtube addressing the backlash he received for the documentary where he said of his ex: “I understand how she feels, but I don’t criticize Kat. She worked 12 hours a day, always busy.

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