West Duluth man accused of firing a gun while fighting


A 24-year-old man from Duluth was charged with recklessly surrendering a firearm within a community and illegally possessing a firearm that he was not allowed to possess due to a previous domestic violence conviction.

Quentin Ray Cooke was arrested early Saturday morning after Duluth police responded to multiple reports of a shot being fired. The incident occurred on Friday around 10:25 p.m. in Block 200 of 70th Ave West in Duluth.

When officers arrived, the alleged victim, a 26-year-old man who was later identified as Donald Felver, was was not there. As of Wednesday, Duluth police had not located the victim and did not know if they were shot.

According to the criminal complaint, Cooke’s mother called and said he shot a gun in front of the house and then returned to the house with it. The mother said she believed Cooke was under the influence of drugs.

When officers arrived, officers saw Cooke leave the front door and ordered him to lie down on the floor. He had signs of physical injury, including blood running down his nose.

Quentin Cooke

Quentin Cooke

Police interviews with Cooke and his mother revealed that he was upset after his mother refused to allow him to use their vehicle for the night. His mother called his girlfriend because she believed he could reassure Cooke, the complaint said. Cooke and the friend got into an argument outside, which then turned into a physical fight. The mother said she saw Cooke run in, grab a long gun, and then fire a shot outside.

When the police searched the apartment, they found a shotgun with blood on it and a spent grenade in the chamber of the gun. When asked about the shotgun, Cooke said he was unaware of it, the complaint said.

Cooke first appeared in court on Wednesday morning.

The incident occurred the day after Duluth Police Chief Mike Tusken held a press conference speaking about Increase in shootings and shots this year.

This year, Duluth has seen more gunfire than in all of 2019. Police have investigated at least 25 incidents in the past eight months. Fifteen of them have performed since July.


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