Water main breaks in Carthay Square, Silver Lake have hundreds of impacts

Several driveways and roads in two Los Angeles neighborhoods were covered in mud Friday morning after a pair of burst water pipes caused minor flooding and major repairs.

Footage from the scene in Carthay Square near S. La Jolla Avenue showed the water level rising rapidly outside a residence, where the water had nearly reached the front door .

Officials from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power rushed to the scene to contain the situation before any homes or vehicles were damaged.

After the water was turned off and water levels dropped, thick layers of mud covered the roads.

According to these officials, the water main suffered an eight-inch break and at least 40 different services were expected to be affected as the main was under repair.

They expected to complete the repairs by 1 p.m.

Similarly in Silver Lake on N. Manzanita Street, water could be seen gushing out of various breaks in the road due to a six inch water main break.

The rupture caused water services to be cut off for 59 homes, with crews estimating repairs would be complete by 1.30pm.

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