Watching NBA Trade Contenders: Young Players to Buyers

With the March 25 trade deadline fast approaching, Hoops Rumors takes a closer look at players in the NBA who are candidates for a move this month, breaking them down into multiple categories based on their age, contracts, value on the pitch and other categories. Here we focus on young players on buyers who could be moved as their teams explore upgrades.

Playoff contenders and championship contenders looking for roster upgrades often rely on first- and second-round draft picks to sweeten their trade offers, but for clubs that have already traded many of their future picks or just it preferring not to sacrifice design capital, using promising young talent to build a package may be a more viable option.

In this installment of our Trade Candidates series, we’re focusing on young players who could (or should) be available if certain teams looking for roster upgrades make deals this month.

We’ve already looked at a few restricted free agents to be who might be trade candidates – we won’t repeat them here, which is why young players like it JohnCollins, Kendrick Nunn and Talen Horton Tucker do not appear in the box below.

Additionally, as we focus on teams that are expected to be buyers, we will not mention young players at suspected sellers who could benefit from a change of scenery (eg Marvin Bagley or Mohammed Bamba).

Let’s dive in…

Players without rotation:

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