UPDATE: Silver Buckle Saddle Club Says Kids Admit Vandalism

4:35 p.m. | Friday, October 29, 2021

UPDATE: The Silver Buckle Saddle Club said on Friday that those behind the vandalism at its Plymouth facility had confessed to the crimes.

Annie Mickelson, president of the club, said the crimes involved several children from two different families. She also says their parents will pay to repair any damage, which is expected to run into the thousands of dollars.

“They both said they would figure out how to pay for the damages,” Mickelson said.

The big break in the case came when someone recognized a bicycle helmet left in destruction and alerted the parents of the culprits.

** Original story Thursday October 28 **

Plymouth’s Silver Buckle Saddle Club faces costly repairs that they cannot afford. Twice in a week, the riding group had incidents of vandalism in the club’s three buildings.

“It’s really sad. I mean there’s no reason to do it,” club member Ellan Long-Vehrenkamp said.

In addition to teaching horseback riding, the Silver Buckle Saddle Club organizes equestrian competitions.

“You can’t really see the city from here. You can enjoy a little piece of the country in Plymouth, ”said Long-Vehrenkamp.

But that pleasure was literally shattered.

“Every window on this property has been smashed,” said Annie Mickelson, president of the Silver Buckle Saddle Club. “Looks like they had a lot of fun smashing windows, smashing shutters, leaving candy, cracking a bunch of eggs on the deck.”

Plymouth Police recovered a baseball bat and hockey stick used in the damage.

Jenny Woods first noticed the vandalism last Friday. It took several hours to clean up most of the initial destruction.

“We’re 90 percent sure it’s kids because the club door was always locked in the aisle,” Woods said.

Then, between Sunday evening and Thursday morning, the vandals struck again, leaving behind half-eaten candy, Pop Tarts, Reddi-wip and chocolate sauce.

Vandals damaged windows and doors.

An expensive repair

Members of the Silver Buckle Saddle Club had no recollection of an incident like this. Mickelson says doing all the repairs is something the club can’t afford.

“It would cost over $ 1,500 for our insurance to come in and fix it and it’s out of our price range right now due to other things we have to pay,” Mickelson said.

The club’s biggest expense is $ 9,500 in annual property taxes paid through donations and member support.

“Silver Buckle doesn’t make any money. This is all meant to provide some kind of fun for the community,” Mickelson said.

Club members now have a message for those who have.

“Really look within yourself and see why you did it,” said Long-Vehrenkamp.

CCX News photojournalist Neil Pursley contributed to this report

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