Understanding Your Home Internet Package: Are You Really Saving Money?

Home internet plans might charge you less for the streaming platforms you love. But make sure you only pay for what you really need.

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Examination of your monthly bank statement can usually reveal the large amount of services to which you have signed up. Our cell phone, landline, internet and entertainment plans are regular deductions for most Australians.

Many companies providing services like this are starting to bundle some of these elements together to create a single monthly fee. It’s a way of putting all the eggs in one basket. But that’s not necessarily a good thing.

What is a home internet package?

When you consider purchasing a basket with a basket full of items, it contains products that you could have purchased separately. You can take advantage of most of them and some items may be wasted. There may be a money saving by purchasing the basket instead of creating it yourself. This is the type of product that a home internet package can be – the drag on the services you hope to use.

A home internet package is an offer from your provider to combine one or more services into a single monthly bill. They are usually created by brands creating partnerships where they see a potential benefit for the customer.

This can be extremely convenient, but it can add complexity if it needs to be unraveled over time.

When should I bundle home Internet with other services?

A plan option can make sense when it is beneficial for the services you already use. If your family’s mobile and home internet service can be on a plan, perhaps with a shared data allowance, then the benefits can be immediately felt.

Find a more advantageous Internet package

What are the advantages of a home Internet package?

Cheaper entertainment

Many Internet service providers partner with entertainment providers to provide cheaper access to these services.

Bundled entertainment services generally offer a discount on the direct purchase of the service, but may also offer metered data usage benefits with your ISP. This means that you can stream content from this provider without affecting your internet data allowance.

Utilities and Internet in one bill

Some of the other benefits of bundling may relate to your home utilities. A growing trend for power companies or entertainment companies is to combine your electricity with your home internet into one bill.

When that means there is money to be saved, it is an option that may be worth considering.

Attractive offers

As ISPs continue to look for ways to attract new customers, offers will likely continue to be launched around the bundle.

Some providers now offer an annual subscription to music or video streaming services and some will even ship equipment to use those services if needed.

This is a competitive market in the home internet space, so finding the best option to bundle not only saves you money but also increased convenience.

Could you save on your internet package?

What are the disadvantages of a home Internet package?

May not really save you money

Shopping around and reviewing the details is important for internet packages as they may seem like they save you money, but it may be for an inferior offer of the bundled service or for a limited period in some cases.

Understanding the separate cost of each service before considering a plan will allow you to realize the potential savings.

Pay for services you don’t need

If you are not currently using a service offered in the bundle, you should ask yourself if you really needed it in the first place.

Customers can sign up for bundles and then skip the bonus services and spend more money unnecessarily.

Unbundling can be tricky

Another challenge that customers often face with plans is that if you need to cancel the plan it can be complex.

If a video streaming service is provided to you, check whether it can be used without the internet plan in the future or if it depends on the current agreement. If the ISP has all the keys, you are potentially hostage to their current plan.

This is of particular concern when a price increase occurs on a streaming service or internet plan and suddenly your monthly charges go up without it being possible to easily decouple.

Final Tips When Finding Home Internet Packages

  • Always look at the fine print of a package.
  • Evaluate plan commitment and real cost savings.
  • Confirm with the provider how the services can be decoupled without loss of access and how the relationship with the bundled services is managed.
  • Make sure that you are responsible for what is included in the package so that you can get the best value for money and convenient service.

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