Under PM-Kisan, 8 crore farmers receive Rs 2000

PM-Kisan, the government’s farmer relief measure, involves direct cash transfers to support farmers’ livelihoods. The recent outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19 has resulted in a 21-day lockdown. This might be the optimal way to isolate the pandemic, but this lockdown is having a severe impact on the agricultural sector.

Lockdown creates significant problems for the farming community

Facing the lockdown, farmers are unable to sell their crops in a timely manner. Also, many mandis are closed and complying with lockdown rules. Consequently, surviving during the pandemic lockdown is a major challenge for the majority of farmers who depend solely on the sale of crops for their livelihood. In addition, it is difficult to obtain the agricultural inputs necessary for cultivation. If the fight for survival continues beyond the lockdown period, this small relief of Rs 2000 under PM-Kisan could play a key role. With the Rabi harvest just a week away, the labor shortage and lack of available inputs due to the lockdown could create further problems for farmers in India.

Under PM-Kisan, the government is set to pay Rs 2000 to 8 crore farmers affected during the lockdown in India
addressing the problems

Without primary income, the farmer’s survival in the pandemic is in doubt. To address the situation, the Modi government announced it would release the first tranche of the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi program (PM-KISAN) earlier this year. Accordingly, the farmers are to receive Rs 2,000 within the first week of April.

PM-KISAN scheme

That Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme (PM-KISAN) provides Rs 6000 annually. Then in more than 3 installments per year. Meanwhile, it aims to cover farmers’ agricultural inputs. In addition, this scheme will help them in procurement impulses and various agricultural needs. Help them feed their 1.3 billion residents year-round. The government has so far distributed around Rs 54,000 crore among PM-Kisan. From December 2019, over 87.1 million farmers will benefit from this.

Allotment of Rs 2000 Under PM Kisan

This decision was made to support and relieve farmers during the lockdown. As a result, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced the issuance of Rs 2000 to farmers who are eligible and beneficiaries of the PM-KISAN scheme. Nevertheless, these relief measures should take effect within 36 hours. Then the government sanctioned a sum of Rs 15,000 crore to benefit 8.69 crore farmers by the first week of April.

In addition, officials began the preliminary work by creating lists of farmers who must receive the first installment. Also, they simultaneously sent these lists to their respective states for validation. The state officials then confirm the authentication by linking the beneficiaries to their respective Aadhar cards. The transfer then takes place when the installment is due under PM-Kisan.

Assess and deal with the situation

After analyzing the financial pressure on cultivators, the government takes several measures. One of them is the transfer of Rs 2000. Also, this relief fund will be credited directly to the respective farmers’ bank accounts. It is emphasized that there will be no delay in implementation and will therefore relieve the fund during the lock-up period. Also, this rate helps procure inputs for planting summer legumes.

In summary, the government is also implementing several relief measures to help women, poor and backward classes.

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