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As long as Russia has its own oil, Western oil cartels and the American empire’s monopoly on the price of oil are vulnerable, so they want to extend NATO to Ukraine as a first step towards colonizing Russia.

The conflict in Ukraine is not a question of national sovereignty. These are oil cartels establishing a monopoly. Let me explain: at present, Germany and Russia have already built the Nordstream2 gas pipeline. Germany has only to initiate it, but it will not. Why?
In order to understand Germany’s decision not to launch Nordstream2 yet, we need to understand the current global capitalist order that we call “imperialism”. This is when large-scale banks and massive cartels (or corporations) privately own much of the global capitalist economy.
The economic hegemony of the American Empire rests with Western oil cartels who have a collective monopoly on oil and its prices which determine the value of the US dollar. Anything that breaks this collective monopoly undermines the economic hegemony of the American empire. Moreover, the economic aggression against Iran by the United States and its allies is a living example of what the United States can do to someone who denies “petrodollar” hegemony.
But what does this have to do with Nordstream2?
If Germany sets up the Nordstream2 pipeline, Western oil cartels based in the United States and Britain will no longer have the collective monopoly power to set the price of oil around the world.
If they don’t collectively control the price of oil around the world, they can’t maintain/increase the value of the US dollar. Moreover, the breaking of this monopoly by Germany and Russia could potentially undermine the value of the US dollar. This gives them new leverage.
The American empire and the western oil cartels don’t want this new arrangement, where Germany and Russia have this new leverage, so they give Germany an ultimatum: either you stay in NATO with us by abandoning Nordstream2, either you are on the side of Russia and face disastrous consequences like Iran.
The US empire and Western oil cartels are pushing for war against Ukraine because they want to cancel the Nordstream2 pipeline and force Russia to become dependent on Ukraine to transport its oil. This maintains the monopoly of Western oil cartels on the price of oil.
Also, as long as Russia has its own oil, western oil cartels and the US empire’s monopoly on the price of oil are potentially vulnerable because Russia has plenty of oil, so they want to expand NATO to the Ukraine as a first step towards colonization. Russia.
They want to privatize all of Russia’s natural resources, including and especially oil, to ensure that Western oil cartels based in the US and UK maintain their oil monopoly and control prices to maintain/increase the value of the US dollar. They need to get rid of the Russian federal government, where much of the natural resources, including oil, are state-owned assets that are used for economic stability. This means privatizing state-owned assets and reducing Russia to its 1991 state.
If we look through the prism of Islam on this issue, as we should, we oppose this world capitalist order that we call “imperialism”. Lenin said: “Imperialism is the highest stage of capitalism”.
We wish to undermine the monopoly of Western oil cartels which is the economic basis of American hegemony.
A few clarifications:
The reason Ukraine is so important to the oil cartels is because oil from Russia to Europe is currently delivered through Ukraine, controlling Ukraine means controlling overland pipelines in Ukraine. All oil that passes through can be taxed to match world oil prices set by Western oil cartels. As long as the oil cartels don’t own oil in Russia, they can only control how much oil Russia can deliver to the world and at what price, and that’s why this system is called “petrodollar”.
It’s quite simple that even an ordinary man in any country cannot buy oil without and unless it is bought with US dollars. This is why the US dollar has value in the first place. Countries wishing to buy oil must convert their currency to US dollars to buy oil. This gives a ton of value to the US dollar.
Indeed, controlling oil prices and oil supply is essential to the strength and survival of US dollar hegemony.
The same is true in many countries in the Middle East and Africa, where the United States is spending billions of dollars to maintain “petrodollar” hegemony, creating proxies and false enemies to enter into n any state and exploit the resources of any resourceful country.
In conclusion, it is the duty of every free human being to understand and fight against the oppression of American and Western oil cartels.

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