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An economics professor balances students with money.

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Today on the show, we’re talking about investment strategies for lifelong planning … and the barriers to that.

Investing is turning money now into more money in the future. But it’s not just about growth, it’s about making sure you have the cash you need. when You need it.

We meet some of the people excluded from the stock market deploying sophisticated economic thinking, even creating their own alternative financial systems with lessons for all of us. Our teachers help us understand how to think about debt and spending differently depending on our age and stage of life. We will try to apply the life cycle hypothesis to personal finance.

We’ll also hear from the creator of 401 (k) explain why he started and when it makes sense to use it as an investment tool for retirement.

Vocabulary words:

  • Consumption smoothing
  • Life cycle assumption
  • 401 (k)

The music: “Lost situation, “”Rollin groovy, “”Independent dance, “”Uncertain times, “”Efficientissimo,” and “Sweaty skin in the sun. “

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