The Cuckoos release new EP “Honeymoon Phases”.

Austin’s, The cuckoos release their new EP today honeymoon phasesexclusive premiere with Glide Magazine who said: “Over the course of six explosive tracks, they are immersed in a range of sounds and emotions. Opening track “Weekend Lover” is a synth-driven banger that feels like a fiery ’80s anthem, complete with digitized guitar shredder, while “I’ll Be Your Tramp” harks back to more contemporary influences like Man with its lively, carnivalesque groove One remembers and shabby singing.”

Kenneth Frost, lead singer of The Cuckoos narrates Glide Magazine about Honeymoon Phases: “Although we could have released them [I Hate Love and Honeymoon Phases] Together as a double album we decided that the two groups of songs have a slightly different taste. Honeymoon Phases has a more uplifting, bittersweet goodbye quality, almost like I Hate Love having an experience, and Honeymoon Phases looks back on that experience in a new light. You might bounce back from a few bad memories here and there, but in the end you realize that those were all just lessons you need to learn in order to do better next time.”

The new EP is The Cuckoos’ follow-up to their January release of I Hate Love. The three pre-Honeymoon Phases singles “She’s Wearing Lipstick (From Someone Else’s Kiss)”, “I’ll Be Ur Tramp” and “So Real, So Surreal” received acclaim from critics and fans alike.

At the premiere of the first single black book said: “Sometimes a track is so far removed from the current zeitgeist that it’s exciting for that very reason. And Austin’s The Cuckoos have an absolutely infectious new single, ‘She’s Wearing Lipstick (From Someone Else’s Kiss)’ – from their forthcoming EP Honeymoon Phases – that has brought to the surface a love for disco goth-pop we’ve honestly never known actually we even had.”

Over the past year, The Cuckoos have made an impression on fans, industry professionals and the press, including Austin’s KUTX, American songwriter, RELAXand pop affairs among other.

Pop Matters’ Jedd Beaudoin said: “[The Cuckoos] Conjuring up memories of the Bauhaus, but with a more succinct, direct approach.”

In the absence of live ‘in person’ performances and to celebrate the EP’s release, The Cuckoos have teamed up with Bandsintown for an album release show. The performance will be streamed live Pull out today, August 7 at 3:00 p.m. ET.

To the delight of fans, The Cuckoos will be touring in 2021, with dates yet to be confirmed.

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