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King’s College apologizes for the “damage” inflicted on staff through photo homage to Prince Philip

One of the UK’s leading universities has apologized for the “harm” done to staff after they complained about receiving a photo of Prince Philip who had a “story of racist and sexist comments”. The photo of the late Duke who opened the university library was recently included in an email bulletin sent to staff at King’s College London. However, a spokesman for King’s College London later said the institution’s heads were “very proud” of their long association with Prince Philip. Joleen Clarke, assistant director of King’s College Libraries, sent the email apology to staff after some staff complained that they were offended by a photo of the Duke in a previously emailed one Employee bulletin could be seen. Members of the university’s anti-racism practice group reportedly reacted angrily to the photo of the Duke and the Queen opening a library at King’s College in 2002 because of his “history of racist and sexist comments”. Vanessa Farrier, the college’s partnership and alliance director, was reportedly among staff members who were upset with the Duke contained in the email. In June she was asked to “decolonize” the King’s College library. The Duke was notorious for his controversial comments, particularly for his reference to “slanting eyes” during a trip to China in 1986. Ms. Clarke was the subject of a “kangaroo court” among staff at King’s College which found the use of the photo objectionable. The offensive photo in the staff bulletin sent shortly after the Duke’s death on April 9th ​​was accompanied by a caption: “As the nation marks the death of HRH Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, we thought you would perhaps would like to see the photo of the Duke at the official opening of the Maughan Library in 2002, which some colleagues will remember. ”Ms. Clarke was reportedly active in King’s College’s anti-racism program. In the subsequent apology email sent in the week beginning May 10th, she wrote: “The picture was taken as a historical reference point after his [the Duke’s] Death. The taking of the picture shouldn’t be reminiscent of him. “Through feedback and subsequent discussions, we have recognized the damage this has done to members of our community because of its history of racist and sexist comments. We are sorry to have caused this damage. “On Saturday, a spokesman for King’s College said:” As we previously highlighted in an official honor given by the university on April 9, 2021, Prince Philip had a long association with King’s that lasted until continued to his withdrawal from public life. We have deeply valued and proud of his friendship and support for King’s. ”The Duke’s association with the college began in 1955 when he became the life governor of the institution. He and the Queen attended King’s College many times, most recently in 2012, to open the Somerset House East Wing (pictured below).

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