The cancellation of the Knott County Trail Ride results in significant income losses for local businesses

LEBURN, Ky. (WYMT) – Knott County officials last Tuesday canceled the fall edition of the Knott County Trail Ride.

The decision was made with great caution due to the impact of COVID 19, but it will affect local businesses.

“I kind of felt like it was coming, it was inevitable, what are you going to do, you know? This virus is terrible, it really hurts the economy, there isn’t a lot of traffic, people aren’t as out there as they used to be, people certainly aren’t working the way they used to be. But yeah, it’s devastating, ”said Curtis Smith, owner of Service Mart.

The Service Mart is across from the turnoff to Mine Made Adventure Park, where the rides take place.

“It’s a small shop, but it’s full,” Smith said of his shop.

The trail rides lost because the spring ride was also canceled amounts to thousands of dollars Smith will not make this year.

“You are looking at two to three weeks of business volume that you lose in a week, so that’s a big impact,” said Smith. “When I go out for a ride, I can remember going to the store without customers and holding money from 13 different countries in my hand. That’s a big impact. Where do you want to get so much money from elsewhere? “Said Schmied.

Smith understands why the decision was made and is now working to make up for the losses, but the loss of the rides, especially the fall rate, hurts.

“The autumn hike is always bigger because the weather is more reliable. Fall doesn’t rain as much as spring, it’s just a much better time, it’s a lot drier and it’s a little cooler too, I think, “said Smith.

Smith is working with County Judge Executive Jeff Dobson to keep losses as low as possible.

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