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Pixar is a film studio that needs no introduction. In its comparatively short 25-year history, the animation giant has produced a staggering number of hits. In the process, it also changed the entire landscape of family entertainment, redefining the possibilities of computer animation and storytelling in general. To this day, even the studio’s worst efforts achieve the kind of box office numbers and reviews that other films only strive for. However, not all Pixar films are created equal.

It seems that for every Toy Story and Finding Nemo, there’s a movie like The Good Dinosaur or Cars 2. Meanwhile, upcoming fall release Soul (co-created by Pixar veteran Pete Docter) looks set to be an instant classic, but you never really know.

Now is the perfect time to revisit Pixar’s many achievements and the reviews that go with them. Along with the highs, there are also the lows — a handful of cinematic endeavors that critics found money-stealing while other films simply fell short of their goals. Still, Pixar has more wins than losses. The studio has produced several truly iconic releases that have received universal acclaim and are now regarded as modern masterpieces by critics and audiences alike. The Toy Story franchise alone remains a masterclass in computer-animated filmmaking. And that’s just one of the studio’s many successful attributes.

To celebrate the studio and its landmark work, forklift ranked each Pixar film (since March 2020) according to its critical reception, as represented by its metascore. Ties were broken through IMDb User Ratings. There are a surprise or two in terms of rankings, and #1 isn’t necessarily what the average moviegoer might expect. From worst to first, here are the best Pixar movies according to critics.

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