That’s why you’ll receive a free gift card in the mail this weekend – if you live in Colleyville


As part of Colleyville’s incentive program to support local businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, free gift cards are once again reaching residents’ mailboxes this weekend.

Deputy city manager Mark Wood said the city expanded the program this time, sending the $ 35 gift cards out to more than just residents.

Now teachers from Colleyville, health workers as well as police officers and firefighters in the surrounding towns receive the gift cards. This includes teachers, health workers, and public officials who serve the city’s residents even when they are not stationed or working in the city.

Wood said the city hopes this expansion will bring more customers to the Colleyville stores and support those who have helped the community in various ways.

“We want to show our love to the people who did a really great job during the pandemic,” he said.

This part of the program is called “Cupid’s Cash” and plays on the upcoming Valentine’s Day celebrations. Recipients can redeem the gift cards at participating Colleyville stores.


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