Silver Cup Relieves Breastfeeding Pain by Rochelle Humes | Entertainment News


Breastfeeding her daughters was so painful for Rochelle Hume that she used a special gadget to help her third baby.

The former Saturday star has two daughters, Alaiamai, eight, and Valentina, four, and her husband, Marvin Humes, and son Blake, eight months. A silver beanie that relieves discomfort.

The Silver Cup is a gift from a friend who has had a similar breastfeeding experience.

In the “Sweat, Snot and Tears” podcast, she revealed:[I used] These silver cups for your breast. It’s literally the cup you put on your nipples. They are really cold and don’t even feel like they have anything. These ribbon cuts were my lifeline. “

A 32-year-old singer compared breaks to ‘piranha’ and humor when it comes to breastfeeding, but decided to start her life with her natural milk.

“I didn’t like breastfeeding for the first time and thought I would never want to breastfeed again, but I know I really wanted to breastfeed and do this,” she said. It was.

In a conversation, Rochelle acknowledged Instagram’s fame as a mom, but her family life isn’t always as perfect and calm as you can see from the photos and videos she shares with the 2.1 million. of followers. I readily admit it.

She said: “We all have it on our wings! It’s to some extent real, but it’s like the highlight of my day.

Silver Cup Relieves Breastfeeding Pain by Rochelle Humes | Entertainment News

Silver Cup relieves breastfeeding pain from Rochelle Humes | Entertainment News


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