Silver Creek Teachers and Classified Staff to Receive Salary Increases | New


SELLERSBURG – The Silver Creek School Corp. increases the salaries of teachers and classified staff throughout the district.

The Silver Creek School Board voted unanimously at Monday’s meeting to approve wage increases for classified and non-negotiated employees. At the district’s Nov. 4 meeting, the board also unanimously approved salary increases for teachers as part of the collective agreement.

Silver Creek Superintendent Chad Briggs said he was happy to support a pay rise for teachers and classified staff.

“We value our people,” he said. “We understand that with the cost of living things change over time, and I’m just happy that our budget has allowed us to pay employees more for the work they do and will continue to do. “

Teachers will see salary increases of $ 5,000 this year, followed by an additional $ 2,000 in the 2022-2023 school year, according to Briggs.

This means that a teacher paid a starting salary of about $ 35,000 would rise to $ 40,000 this year, and next summer the salary would rise to $ 42,400. Teachers will also receive an additional $ 1,200 if they are eligible or if they have worked in the school district in the past school year and have been assessed as effective or very effective.

Salary increases for classified personnel approved Monday evening will apply to employees such as bus drivers, guards and catering workers. This will increase the starting salary by approximately 12%.

It’s difficult to fill positions right now, so Briggs hopes it will help “attract more good employees.”

The board also approved an allowance of $ 1,000 for full-time and part-time employees other than teachers, who received allowances under the collective agreement. This includes administrative positions and classified personnel.

The allowances recognize the effects of the pandemic on the jobs of employees at Silver Creek, whether they have conducted contact tracing or implemented additional cleaning protocols, Briggs said.

Kristy Franklin, a member of the Silver Creek board of directors, expressed her approval of the salary increase for classified employees at Monday’s meeting, calling it “a step in the right direction.”

She said there was a need to improve compensation for Silver Creek employees to keep moving forward as a district.

Rachel Overberg, a board member, said she voted against a pay scale last year for classified employees because she believed it was “not important enough to get them to where they needed to be “. However, she voted for this year’s pay hike and the adjusted pay scale, and she expressed her approval at Monday’s meeting.

“I am really delighted to be able this year to vote wholeheartedly yes on the classified staff [pay increase], “she said.” I think it’s extremely important, all the work that has been done to correct the pay scales and all that has been done this year for all these rate increases. I really appreciate the work. that has been accomplished and I feel we are on a very good footing.


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