Self-employment deduction: how to save money on your phone bill

IIf you regularly use your phone for work, you may be eligible for a tax rebate to help cover the cost of day-to-day use of your device.

Modern culture has seen people become more reachable than ever, with almost everyone owning a smartphone, and millions of workers using their own devices in the course of their work.

Phone bills aren’t cheap, and those who use their own cell phone at work could qualify for a tax deduction for the costs incurred.

Here’s a simple guide to everything you need to know about reporting your phone use when filing your tax return.

When are you eligible?

If you use your own mobile device to make or receive work calls, you can claim reimbursement for costs you incurred, but only if you have not already been reimbursed by your employer.

You should also have records of all work calls you have made, and if you use your phone for work and personal calls, you can still claim, but only for work-related calls.

How to claim

You don’t have to keep track of every call you make; you can calculate the amount you need to claim by keeping a record of your telephone expenses over a four-month period during the tax year.

If your phone bill is itemized, you need to determine the percentage of time during a four-week period that you used your phone for work-related calls, etc., then multiply those costs by the number of months you work during the year.

If your bill is not itemized, you can keep track of the number of calls, time spent on your device, and amount of data used in relation to your work over a four-week period.

If there is a month when your expenses are particularly high due to works, you can also apply for this period separately.

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