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You incur a large monthly expense when you pay for a high speed internet connection. You could end up paying a bill of up to $ 100 or more each month. The bill could be higher for a bundled Internet connection combining telephone and TV services, amounting to $ 200 or even more.

Plus, a Consumer Reports article reveals how important internet connections are. In addition, he points out that consumers have difficulty paying the monthly fees or finding suppliers in their area. In general, many respondents pointed out that broadband is too expensive. And even those who have it complain about the high prices.

So, as soon as you feel that your internet connection is getting sluggish, don’t rush to sign up for even more expensive deals. You can, in fact, try other techniques.

Negotiate the price

Before you start negotiating prices with your ISP, you need to be able to negotiate hard. You can compare the actual speed of the connection with the advertised speed after performing a speed test. Here is the information you need to collect to get a good deal from the supplier:

  • The bill you pay each month
  • The amount you paid when you registered
  • How long have you been a subscriber
  • The problems you encountered while using the connection
  • Internet packages offered by competitors in your region
  • Sign-up bonuses and special offers your provider offers you

With all this information, you can negotiate with your ISP. You will have to get the provider to design a package for you if you threaten to switch providers. Of course, this is a gamble, as some users may not have other providers in the area.

Use your modem and router

If you plan to continue with your ISP for a while, it would be more profitable for you to buy your modem and router rather than renting them. There are vendors who charge anywhere from $ 10 to $ 15 per month to rent their equipment. If you plan to stay with your provider for two years, you will end up paying $ 240 to $ 360. On the other hand, you would incur a one-time cost of $ 200 if you were to purchase your modem and router. So, consider all the factors and determine if this solution is worth it for you.

Opt for bundled services

If you can’t get rid of cable completely, make sure you’ve bundled cable service with your Internet to form a package. If you go with your cable plan from one provider and Internet from another, you’ll end up paying between $ 10 and $ 30 per month.

If you bundle your Internet and cable services, you can save hundreds of dollars each year. Major ISPs like Spectrum, Xfinity by Comcast, and Cox all offer bundles that combine TV and Internet for under $ 90.

There is, however, a downside to this. A cable company may lure you into a subscription at an inexpensive promotional rate offering a TV and Internet package. You are taken aback by a sudden increase in bills when the promotional offer has expired. You should read the fine print very carefully.

Choose for minimum base plans

If you only need an internet connection for limited purposes, it would be a good idea to upgrade to a wireless hotspot plan that offers limited data. For example, you can opt for the 1 GB data per month plan.

Such packages will be fine if you only need to check your emails or social media profiles occasionally every month. However, these are not suitable for video streaming as you will run out of data soon. These plans can help you save up to $ 20 per month, giving you the flexibility to live on a more relaxed budget.

Avoid ISP limitation with a VPN

Your Internet service provider may use ISP throttling to restrict your Internet bandwidth and speed without your knowledge. This causes the internet speed to drop below what the ISP offered. ISPs use throttling to control Internet traffic on their network and reduce bandwidth congestion. Another reason is to impose data caps. Heavy internet users usually face limitation from ISPs.

To avoid it, you can turn to a VPN program that will prevent ISP throttling because your ISP will not know what you are watching on the internet. Your ISP can only limit your Internet connection to some services, not all. When you block them from seeing what you’re doing online, your ISP can’t decide which service to restrict. As a result, your internet connection will remain stable no matter what you do (like streaming or playing online games).


You need the Internet for almost everything these days. Buying a connection is a significant cost, which you would do well to save. Our tips allow you to make considerable savings on your internet bills. You can save more each month and plan your budget better. Choose your options wisely to save more.

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