‘Save money like your grandma’ Old-fashioned money-saving tips could save you £1,716 a year | Personal finance | Finance

She added: “They only had a small garden, but my grandfather always had a greenhouse and a vegetable garden.

“He grew tomatoes, lettuces, carrots, potatoes, cabbage and more.

My old grandma never bought a cooked meal in her life and certainly didn’t eat junk food.

“Everything was cooked from scratch and it was simple, unpretentious food.”

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Jane’s best old fashioned money tips are:

“Don’t waste food. According to WRAP, UK households pay an average of £420 each year for food that could have been eaten but is instead thrown away. Annual savings of around £420.
“Plant a vegetable garden. Even if you only have a windowsill, grow fresh herbs. The more you grow, the more you save. Annual savings of around £600.

“Air dry your laundry as soon as possible. If your tumble dryer costs around £1.80 per cycle and you use it twice a week. Annual savings of around £216.

“Make your own cleaners out of vinegar, soda ash, and baking soda. The Dri-pak website is a wealth of useful information on using these items. Annual savings of around £60.

“Learn to recycle the furniture you already have, rather than buying new. For the price of a few cans of paint I transformed the furniture in our bedroom. items could have cost over £450 Annual savings of around £390.

“Ditch disposable items for reusable versions. For example, I cut up some old napkins to use instead of paper towels. I used to buy two rolls of tea towels a month for around £2.50, but now I buy zero! Annual savings of around £30. »

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