Sanya, China Wins Silver Medal and Two Bronzes at IAI International Travel Awards Ceremony


“STPB has taken an open and innovative approach to explore the integration of culture and tourism as part of its continued efforts to promote Sanya as a travel destination,” said Wu Xiaolin, deputy executive director of STPB, during his speech at the ceremony. “With an open mind, we welcome all proposals for new products and campaigns based on a common marketing model. We will continue to grow the brand by developing the reasons why a traveler could choose Sanya as a destination, be it the proposition. value or the living options that the city offers, or simply the many ways in which vacationers can be entertained there.We actively seek to embark on quality projects, to develop new tourism models based on the highest standards. demanding while continuing to amplify the message that has succeeded in making Sanya a premier tourist destination in national and international markets. The aim is to contribute to the development of Sanya as a world-class tourist site alongside the creation of the port. Hainan Free Trade Agreement. “

STPB launched the Wonderland Sanya themed promotional campaign in december 2020 after performing a traveler preference analysis and segmenting the source markets based on an in-depth study of the local tourism market. Targeting key consumer groups between the ages of 18 and 35 in tandem with themes more relevant to young consumers, the campaign has attracted a growing number of domestic travelers who had abandoned their international travel plans due to the Covid pandemic. 19. The creator of the campaign took advantage of the city’s tourism resources with the aim of attracting the younger target population, which in turn helped spur the development of the market.

On the marketing communication side, the STPB has deployed a new common marketing model by integrating product and media resources in line with market needs. By placing more emphasis on tourism-related data collection and subsidy policy updates, alongside the city’s branding efforts and joint public-private marketing, the Council is proving effective in facilitating the rapid recovery and return to steady growth in the tourism market.

Going forward, STPB plans to raise awareness around the world about Sanya as a hot-climate beach destination by adding the following tasks to its roadmap:

  • Continuously research and implement marketing models in line with current development trends in the local market;
  • Combine hosting innovative offline marketing campaigns with building an online platform that reinforces the message that highlights the uniqueness of Sanya as a travel destination;
  • Create different promotional themes for each target market including, among others, a location for destination weddings, health and wellness tourism, as well as a vacation destination with something to offer every member of the team. multigenerational family.

SOURCE Sanya Tourism Promotion Council


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