Resident Evil Stream will reportedly have several surprises in store

Expect more than a Resident Evil Village focused stream.

That resident Evil Franchises have been around for decades. Since the early years of the original PlayStation resident Evil as the must-have survival horror video game. Players entered a mansion full of mysteries and undead enemies while trying to unravel a deep mystery. Years later, we still enjoy these games, from the mainline titles to the spin-off titles. We’re also preparing to dive into the next exciting installment of the franchise later this year.

Resident Evil Village will once again put players in the shoes of Ethan, the protagonist Resident Evil 7. Without spoiling anything from the last installment, players will find that Ethan has regained some normalcy a few years later. However, after Chris Redfield returns to his life, Ethan is left in tatters and forced to venture to a remote village where he hopes to uncover the truth of what is going on.

We are still awaiting further information regarding Resident Evil Village which is scheduled to take place on January 21, 2021, while a Capcom Electricity. However, this stream can have more than that Resident Evil Village. While we expect most of the content will focus on that Resident Evil Villageit is a stream that has just been dubbed a resident Evil stream, so there are many more areas from the franchise that the stream could highlight.

A recent PlayStation Blog post by Capcom USA Social Media and Community Manager Kellen Haney indicated that fans are in for a few surprises during this stream. Some immediately took to the internet and started predicting what we might see during this event, such as: B. a new remake. Recently, Capcom has been releasing remakes from the earlier installments, much like Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3. If this trend continues we could very well see a remake announcement for the next mainline issue from the lineup, Resident Evil 4. For now, we’ll have to wait and see what Capcom reveals.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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