Raiders News: Raiders put quarterback Marcus Mariota in IR


All Las Vegas Raiders fans during the offseason wondered if there was any chance for a Marcus Mariota package. Week 1 has arrived, and three games, we’ve seen our first look at what the Mariota package might look like in this offense.

However, it didn’t last long as the former Oregon Duck injured his quad again and missed the rest of the action. The Raiders announced yesterday that the quarterback will be on the injured reserve list for at least three weeks.

Jon Gruden opened up about how losing Mariota was a big blow to his attacking game plan. He expected to use it regularly with the offense as a change of pace and red zone threat.

Hopefully the injury is not too severe where Mariota will have to miss more than three weeks. At this point, if Derek Carr were to fall, the Raiders’ season would be in jeopardy.

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