Raiders news: ESPN picks Raiders for worst offseason


There is no such thing as winning or losing the offseason. It is not a competition. Each team will perform a number of moves to try and help their team win as many matches as possible.

However, there are a lot of people who put a lot of emphasis on what teams do in the offseason. Every year we always hear about winners and losers. Again, this is not a competition to see which team can outdo another with the moves they make. That being said, some rankings have recently dropped.

ESPN has ranked the worst offseason so far. Well if you care they said the Raiders have had the worst offseason yet. Yeah. Of the 32 teams, they think the Raiders have been the worst.

Here’s what they had to say:

What went well: For the third consecutive offseason, the Raiders have finally set their defense. This time around, they didn’t let the draft picks they were hoping to get in the way. Clélin Ferrell, Johnathan abram and Trayvon Mullen are among the players who are not guaranteed to have a job after signing the Raiders Yannick Ngakoué, Karl-Joseph and Casey hayward jr. They’ve spent years bringing in defensive talent and failing to make the most of their additions, a problem new defensive coordinator Gus Bradley needs to tackle.

What did not go well: While the contracts of Ngakoue and John brown were relative bargains, the Raiders inexplicably handed Kenya drake a two-year, $ 11 million pact to serve as a second running back alongside the first-round pick Josh jacobs. Las Vegas also dismantled one of the league’s most impressive offensive lines by trading the free agent addition. Trent Brownstar center Rodney Hudson and guard of the country Gabe Jackson for medium to late round peaks. The team used a first-round pick on Alex Leatherwood to help replace the losses, but just about every public source viewed the Alabama tackle as a discovered at n ° 17 in total. Teams have more insight into the outlook than we usually do, but given the Raiders’ recent history with draft picks, they don’t deserve any benefit of the doubt.

What they could have done differently: Bradley was considered one of the league’s most promising defensive coaches when he took over as Jacksonville coach in 2013, but his defenses have not been consistent, even when he was talented with which one to work on. The Bradley Chargers’ defenses ranked 10th in each of their first two years with the team, but have fallen to 25th and 20th in the past two seasons. His Jags defenses have ranked in the first half of the league just once in four years and have improved in the season after his dismissal. Should the Raiders have brought in the ultimate turnaround expert and hired Wade Phillips?

What remains to be done : Look for depth at the guard. The Raiders have signed Nick martin compete with Andre James for the starting work at the center, but they would rely on John simpson and Patrick omameh on guard if there were any injuries. There are more positions available than there are in a typical year, so I encourage them to look at someone like Larry warford or Nick easton.

Again, no need to put any stock into what the rankings say. However, the worst offseason? Come on, I find it hard to believe. I don’t know the moves of every team, but there certainly must be a team that made much worse moves than they did.

Well, just an article. Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday!

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