Qatar Airways introduces $62 soap in Business Class

In the past some people have claimed that if they got a really good premium cabin price they could drink their ticket price in champagne. Well, with Qatar Airways, you may soon be able to wash away your ticket price with soap… 😉

Qatar Airways and Diptyque collaboration

Qatar Airways has joined forces with French luxury brand Diptyque to offer a new range of toiletries for First and Business Class passengers both in the air and on the ground. Qatar Airways is the first airline to partner with Diptyque and has global exclusivity.

Qatar Airways passengers can expect the following products from Diptyque (I have to add the descriptions because they are adorable):

  • Hand wash with notes of lavender, rosemary and a hint of ylang ylang
  • Velvety hand lotion with luxurious scents of sweet almond and petitgrain
  • Enriched tonic with floral notes of rose, Virginia cedar and petitgrain lemon
  • Essential face cream with a heart of roses, luscious notes of prickly pear and the freshness of petitgrain lemon
  • Diptyque shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion await passengers in Qatar Airways lounges

Qatar Airways’ new range of Diptyque products

In case you are wondering about the retail prices of some of these products, Hand wash is $62while The tonic retails for $55. That’s about twice the cost of the otherwise highest-end toiletries we see in the airline industry, like Aesop and Molton Brown.

It’s worth noting that Qatar Airways is unlikely to pay anywhere near retail for these products. This has the potential to be a win-win collaboration – adding a nice element to the Qatar Airways premium experience and giving Diptyque access to a premium customer base.

Diptyque is also known for their candles and it’s a shame these aren’t part of this collaboration. This makes perfect sense, of course, since candles and airplanes don’t mix well.

On the other hand, Qatar Airways has had fake candles as part of business class meals in the past, so maybe they could at least put a Diptyque logo on the fake candles and smell them a little? 😉

Qatar Airways table setup (pre-coronavirus)

Why this is so awesome

Qatar Airways is easy the most elegant airline in the worldspecifically in business class. It amazes me how the airline keeps raising the bar even when no other airline is trying to match.

So while United Airlines tries to cut toothpicks Saving $80,000 a year is Qatar Airways Introduction of fully vegan menus, along with some really top notch toiletries. I love seeing the collaborations that Qatar Airways are launching because they are often associated with true premium brands, which is not always the case in the travel industry.

Qatar Airways has recently introduced consistent vegan dishes in Business Class

Fragrances and scents can also play a pretty big role in terms of how we experience and remember travel. This can take the form of a signature scent in a hotel, lounge, or on an airplane, or offered toiletries, to name a few

Some brands are doing this tastefully, taking a “less is more” approach Sheraton others, well, go a bit overboard.

bottom line

Qatar Airways has launched a new collaboration with Diptyque as the French luxury brand now supplies toiletries for business and first class bathrooms on airplanes and in premium lounges. It doesn’t get much higher.

Of course, that’s largely insignificant, but I’m pleased with the extent to which Qatar Airways is continually improving its premium experience.

What do you think of the partnership between Qatar Airways and Diptyque?

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