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Daughter of the Bosnian war criminal Radovan Karadzic complains of “unhealthy conditions” in the English prison

The daughter of Radovan Karadzic, the former Bosnian Serb leader who served life for genocide and crimes against humanity during the Yugoslav wars of the 1990s, claims that her father lives in unhealthy and “uncivilized” conditions in a British prison. 75-year-old Karadzic, who was convicted in 2016, was transferred from a detention center in Holland to a UK prison earlier this month following an agreement between the United Nations and the Home Office. But his daughter Sonja Karadzic-Jovicevic complained after a phone call about the conditions in her father’s new prison. “The physical condition in which he is housed is unacceptable,” she told SRNA, a news agency based in the Republika Srpska, the Serbian enclave in Bosnia. “What if we add the fact that it’s in a building? full of carcinogenic asbestos, which is banned worldwide, it is clear what condition it will be in. ”Ms. Karadzic-Jovicevic also claimed that her father’s move to the UK was a deliberate act of defiance against his family. “My father is in a very uncivilized situation and, as far as his family is concerned, his move to the south of England was made on purpose to keep him far away, outside of the rules of the United Nations Security Council resolution,” she said. “It will be very difficult for us physically, financially and procedurally, because of visas and vaccinations during the pandemic and even afterwards, to ever visit him,” she continued, adding that he has been robbed of his books and computer and is “completely removed from its language and culture.” A Justice Department spokesman said: “British prisons meet health and safety standards.” Ms. Karadzic-Jovicevic, who has had a political career in Bosnia, has fought in the wars despite her brutal role When the Yugoslav Federation separated in the 1990s, 8,000 Bosnian Muslim men and boys were from the Bosnian ser Army arrested in and around the city of Srebrenica and then killed in the worst single massacre in Europe since the end of World War II. Relocated to Britain, he argues that his life is in danger from Muslim inmates in British prisons. They also argued that he was being held in solitary confinement conditions because of possible threats to Karadzic’s life, but the UN court dismissed the objections. Given his role in the slaughter of Muslims, the experience of another Serb convicted of war crimes could also weigh on the Karadzic family. In 2010, Radislav Krstic, a former Bosnian Serb general, was stabbed to death by three Muslim prisoners while serving a sentence in Wakefield Prison in apparent retaliation for Srebrenica.

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