Presentation of the new key point of the Croatian winery: Vina Croatia Vina Mosaica


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May 23, 2021 – The Vina Croatia site Vina Mosaica wants to become a key point in Croatian winemaking. It aims to present the Croatian wine list to the whole world as a recognizable destination for high quality wines.

“Croatia has a wealth of indigenous varieties and a beautiful mosaic of four wine and wine regions with their climatic, varietal and positional specificities, like this Iločka with Traminer. Our wine is not only food and an export product. potentially important. together with gastronomy, it plays an increasingly important role in the tourist offer, and events like this mark Croatia as an eno-gastro destination ”, declared the vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce Croatian for agriculture and tourism Dragan Kovačević.

HRTurizam reports, in 2020, Croatia recorded a 50% drop in wine sales due to the drop in tourism and the blockade of the HORECA chain; our winegrowers sell nearly 70% of their wine through the HORECA channel.

“However, the fact that our share of higher priced wines, premium wines and sparkling wines in exports is increasing by almost 60 percent is encouraging, and it clearly shows that Croatian winemaking should move in the right direction. of high quality. In addition, the Traminer as a leading variety has its role, and a large number of platinum and gold medals are proof that the crisis has not affected the quality of Traminer ” , Kovacevic said.

Kovačević also added that the key role in stabilizing the wine sector was played by the national aid program whereby the state withdrew 9 million HRK from the market with 56 million HRK through crisis distillation and storage of crisis, thus helping to preserve current liquidity and free up storage. capacity for the new crop, and assistance to the sector continues this year with 20 million.

He also stressed the need to invest more in the promotion and marketing of wine. “Winemaking must be a solid part of the state budget because there is no serious positioning in the market without marketing. Under the common brand Vina Croatia Vina Mosaica, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce will continue to work even harder with its own funds and funds from the wine envelope, EU funds, on the international promotion of Croatian wines. That is why we have completely renewed the website of Vina Croatia Vina Mosaica, which as an additional marketing tool should be a key communication point of Croatian winemaking and a guide for tourists and wine lovers. through Croatian wine regions and Croatian wines, ”Kovacevic said.


Wines from Croatia – Vina Croatia | Wines from Croatia – Vina Croatia Facebook

The new wine law defined four regional organizations of winegrowers and winegrowers which correspond to four wine regions but also to marketing regions of Croatia: Slavonia and the Croatian Danube region, hilly central Croatia, Istria Croatian and Kvarner and Dalmatia. The winemakers united in the National Wine Association of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the professional service of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce are the initiators of this division, and these four regions are the backbone of the branding strategy of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce “Vina Croatia Vina Mosaica.”

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