Opening borders costs lives. Biden doesn’t care.

Fifty-three illegal immigrants died in a tractor-trailer in San Antonio on June 27 after entering the United States illegally

Over the rest of last week, several additional smuggling incidents were revealed to have resulted in the deaths of migrants as smugglers tried to evade law enforcement. Many have rightly blamed President Joe Biden’s open border policies for these deaths and said the current administration continues to reward the actions of smugglers and does nothing about the consequences.

Former Customs and Border Protection Acting Commissioner Mark Morgan said: “They know very well the costs of their open border policies, but pursue them anyway, all for political gain and pursuit of their personal ideology”.

The death toll for the June 27 incident far exceeded the 10 illegal immigrants who died inside a truck in 2017 or the 19 who died in a truck in 2003 in or near San Antonio.

Under administration policies, more illegal activity is occurring at the border and more migrants than ever are dying. In fact, former Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Tom Homan asked why there was no outrage over the more than 700 migrants who died while crossing illegally into the United States. under the Biden administration.

He says, “The most vulnerable people in the world are getting into the hands of criminal cartels to take advantage of what Biden, [Department of Homeland Security] Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and this administration have promised.

In addition to those discovered dead by a city worker around 6 p.m. on June 27, 16 additional migrants were found alive, but warm to the touch and in heat-related distress. Among these 16 people, four were children. All were rushed to hospital and updates on their well-being have been posted periodically.

So far, Department of Homeland Security investigators have apprehended three smugglers and confirmed the operation involved foreigners from Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico.

After questioning the smugglers, investigators learned that the truck had encountered mechanical problems, prompting the smugglers to stop and abandon the vehicle with the migrants still locked inside.

Migrants had no access to water and the truck was sweltering in triple-digit temperatures without air conditioning. The employee who discovered the abandoned vehicle heard distress noises coming from the truck and noticed a body on the ground next to the trailer’s partially open cab door.

The three apprehended smugglers have been charged in connection with the operation. One of them was under the influence of methamphetamines while driving the tractor-trailer.

“This is the worst human trafficking event in the United States,” said Homeland Security officer Craig Larrabee, adding that the trafficking operations are directly linked to the cartels, whose members have “ no consideration for the safety of migrants”.

The cartels maintain considerable control over the US-Mexico border, exploiting it for drug and human trafficking.

According to Border Patrol agent Fidel Baca, the billion-dollar human trafficking business is keeping the cartels busy. He said cartels sometimes charge more than $10,000 per person to smuggle illegal aliens into America, only to abandon them if their operation is in jeopardy.

A Customs and Border Protection report released last year concluded that the cartels were earning up to $14 million a day from smuggling.

The Biden administration, meanwhile, continues to use U.S. taxpayer dollars to house illegal immigrants in hotels, while defunding immigration and customs facilities and encouraging illegal immigration and dangerous smuggling operations.

This sets a dangerous precedent and allows cartels to exploit migrants by telling them: “The American border is non-existent. Come as you please and stay as long as you wish.

Even Mexican aid workers say, “It would be difficult to design a system that benefits these cartels more than the current system.

Not only have the president’s border and immigration policies created this crisis, but the administration continues to lie to the American people and refuse to accept responsibility.

Despite evidence to the contrary, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre insisted “the border is closed” when discussing the June 27 tragic deaths. Since the tractor-trailer was found in Texas, about 150 miles from the southern border, this is obviously untrue.

An open border and incentives for illegal immigration are not only detrimental to America’s security, but also endanger the lives of illegal aliens who attempt the trip as a direct result of the Biden administration’s agenda and the empowerment of cartels.

The administration’s supposedly “safe, orderly and humane” immigration process is anything but.

How many American lives must be taken because of illegal foreign crimes, and how many migrants themselves must die before the Biden administration enforces our laws and saves lives?

This piece originally appeared in The Daily Signal

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