New swimming pool water treatment device reduces water loss in swimming pools by 70% and can save billions of gallons of water per month, saving money for pool owners facing severe drought


LOS ANGELES, July 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – California is going through the worst drought in 1200 years. Unfortunately, the drought will only get worse as California’s largest reservoir, Shasta Lake, fell to half of its typical levels in June 2021. The state is fighting a losing battle with this brutally persistent dry spell unless its people step in and conserve water. This is where the HDC water treatment device, HydroHeating, can help Californians reduce water loss from their swimming pools by a huge 70% thanks to its patented and laboratory-tested technology.

There is more of 1.18 million residential swimming pools in California, the addition of commercial swimming pools, spas and fish ponds further increases this number. An average swimming pool evaporates a half to 2 inches each week, causing 1,625 gallons of water loss each month. HDC Products experts United States targeted a serious problem and produced a simple solution; reduce the evaporation of swimming pool water by using hydrodynamic cavitation. The device was certified by IAPMO the 2sd June 2021 to effectively reduce water loss by 70%, which can quickly save California billions of gallons of water per month.

This means that 15.87 billion gallons of water can be saved each year!

The best part about using HDC is that it doesn’t just conserve water; it reduces the need for chlorine by 41% and chloramines by 36%, saving pool owners and builders the cost of water and chlorine. In addition, its filtering abilities greatly reduce pathogens, carcinogens, bacteria, human body fluids and parasites in the water. All of this leads to a safer and healthier swimming environment.

MSRP is $ 1,995.00. Our summer special is $ 1,495.00, a $ 500 savings. FREE shipping to all 50 states, with a 3 week delivery time.

To order the product, receive a quote, or ask questions, please call HDC Products United States toll free number (855) 602-5800 or visit their website

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