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welcome to‘s Super Savings Week. We’re teaming up with the Today show to bring you all the best tips and tricks to help you save money and give your hip pocket a boost.

When it comes to saving money as a parent, it can often seem like an unwinnable battle.

There seems to be no end to all the items required for babies and toddlers, and this is then topped up with expensive childcare, child care and tuition fees.

Where are the flaws? Well, 9Honey Parenting has researched the options to find out.

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Saving money as a parent can seem nearly impossible, but there are a few handy tips you should know. (Peter Braig)

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The economic power of buying second-hand

To begin, we invite you to forget your fears of buying second-hand.

Not only buying used is incredibly cheap and great for the environment, but there is also so much variety around.

Of the person My Children’s Markets or online Facebook Marketplaceor Depop, you can find plenty of children’s items in almost perfect condition, sometimes for half the sale price.

Jennifer Harrison of My Kid’s Market NSW said for many families, buying used has completely changed their lives.

“Once shoppers learn about the quality items they can score — as well as the savings — they’re usually addicted to buying second-hand and want to get started sooner!” she says.

Some great items that parents should definitely choose to buy second-hand for their children include:

  • Expensive items like prams, high chairs, playpens and beds
A department full of second-hand children's clothes
There are many sites online to browse to find cute clothing options for your kids. (Stock)

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While Depop and Facebook Marketplace might be your best bet when it comes to buying toys for your child, there are some great clothing resale websites to check out when it comes to shopping for clothes. and shoes.

Sites like Jumping-Jack, second childhoodand Used MiniMe sell clothes rated for all ages, and everything from maternity to designer brands.

When it comes to big ticket items, websites like childlike, Facebook Marketplace, Gum and even Exchange and sale on Facebook bands are great places to browse – but be sure to check that items meet Australian standards and come with original safety features.

Reduce childcare costs

Often, childcare can prove to be a major pocket drainer for parents. Well-meaning moms and dads are often willing to spend money to ensure the best possible care for their little ones.

But there are ways to hack your babysitting and save a few extra bucks.

Babysitting apps

Exchange: The childcare app Exchange allows parents of the same CPE to inform other parents when they have paid for a daycare that they do not intend to use.

Interested parents can then take advantage of this day at a reduced rate — score!

child’s nest: KidNest is also another benefit that parents should know about.

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The early childhood sector faces an unprecedented staff shortage
From babysitting apps to nanny sharing, there are plenty of ways parents can cut the price of their regular childcare costs. (Getty)

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The “Childcare” app connects local parents with each other and allows them to share their childcare needs. Parents can then offer to look after each other’s children at a flexible cost and help each other.

If this sounds like a child safety nightmare, fear not – the app’s requirements call on all parents using the service to perform a child labor check and a police check, and parents will be able to monitor the movements of their children during the day.

App founder Tim West says his app could save parents thousands, with the main goal of making childcare more accessible to parents who can’t afford industry costs.

Subscribing to the app costs $100 per month, but can definitely save time and money in the long run.

Childcare: Care for children is Australia’s leading childcare comparison website so you can determine the most affordable childcare services in your area, what the price includes and its availability. It also has an online calculator so you can find out exactly how much you’ll save with the Fast Track process. Child Care Subsidy (CCS) Changes which entered into force on March 7.

Child care allowance: This Services Australia website provides comprehensive information and assistance from the Australian Government to help cover childcare costs.

nanny sharing

Our final tip for parents is to consider something a little different: nanny sharing.

The concept is as simple as it sounds – parents can choose to share a nanny together, to reduce childcare costs between them.

The idea, however, has vital requirements. Parents will need to have compatible schedules and values, and their children will need to get along, as they will be spending a lot of time playing together.

Expensive school supplies? say no more

School supplies like laptops, iPads, and work tablets can really put a strain on your paycheck, which can definitely be alleviated with a few smart choices.

Back to school hacks school bags
School supplies can certainly add up, but there are plenty of ways to cut costs. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

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Technology and gadgets

Searching through used devices advertised on Marketplace or Gumtree is definitely worthwhile, and if there is nothing available, parents can also opt for refurbished items sold at retail stores at a discount. cheaper.

You can browse refurbished technology at Dick Smith, Apple, and

Stationery and supplies

As for pencil cases (especially the expensive Smiggle kits that kids always crave), or expensive crayon and text kits, they can often be found on Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace.

Not every parent will know that you can also take full advantage of the price match services in this department.

Stores like Officeworks and Big W offer excellent price comparison services that should definitely be used when trying to save on the costs of your child’s pencil case.


Finally, the second-hand school uniform shop is certainly known to most parents.

In addition to the school shops available to parents, sites such as The uniform exchange and Sustainable school shop also advertise uniforms categorized by school, size, quality, and of course, vendor location.

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