Money saving expert Martin Lewis says couples could owe up to £ 1,000 – but don’t realize it


Millions of UK couples could owe up to £ 1,000 from HMRC, according to Martin Lewis of Money Saving Expert.

The financial expert and TV presenter has urged those who are married or in a civil partnership to know if they can claim tax relief of up to £ 250 per year.

As the Liverpool Echo reportsIf you fall into one of these categories and have not claimed a marriage tax allowance, you could owe up to £ 1,000, which can be backdated to 2017.

Speaking in a special edition of The Martin Lewis Money Show Live, the financial reporter explained: “If you are a married or civil union couple – not in a common-law relationship, living together does not count – and one of you are a non-taxpayer, the other is a 20% base rate taxpayer, so that person can give 10% of their allowance tax-free to the other person.

“You are applying online at and it’s worth around £ 250 this year, but you can go back four years. Past years are by check, this year is by tax code change. It’s very lucrative , there are over a million people who do not claim it. “

How does the marriage tax allowance work?

If one partner earns less than their personal allowance, which is £ 12,570 for tax year 2021/22 and the other partner is a base rate taxpayer (earning £ 12,571 to £ 43,662), the income the lowest can transfer 10% of their personal allowance. to the highest income and reduce the tax bill of the highest income.

This transfer means that the partner with the higher income now enjoys a higher personal allowance and will pay less tax on their total income.

Visit to learn more about marriage allowance and to make a claim.


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