Michigan drivers rely on rewards programs to save money on gas

JACKSON, Mich. (WILX) – Gasoline prices continue to set new records, with many stations now charging more than $5 a gallon, forcing many drivers to go to great lengths to save money on l ‘essence.

The last: Gas prices

“Pretty much, work the rewards programs,” Chris Bianco said.

He tries to find the cheapest price for a gallon of gas. It was $5.19 at the Speedway near his home in Leoni Township, but his rewards membership helps.

“I get 50 cents off a gallon, plus I’m a Speedy Rewards member so I still get three cents off,” Bianco said.

“T-Mobile gives you a nickel and Shell points, if you stay on their gold status you get a nickel every day,” said Harry Johnson, who also uses points to pay for gas.

He said there was only one reason he was a member of so many different rewards programs.

“To save some money. Especially being on social security, every little bit helps down the road. I mean living off of this stuff is hard right now,” Johnson said.

AAA says tracking rewards and changing your driving habits really is the best thing you can do to save money right now.

“I really need to check if Kroger was cheaper, if Speedway was cheaper. Then I have to factor in the rewards and I’m just trying to fill it up. Anything I can,” Bianco said.

Bianco said it was frustrating chasing after those spots to refuel his truck.

“Before, I was just fueling up and constantly saving my points. I had 80,000 points which I never used. Now I use them all the time, every time I come to get gas,” Bianco said.

He has another solution to save money, but at this point, it really is a dream.

“Lower gas prices. That’s really what can be done at this point,” Bianco said.

AAA says you can also save gas by making sure your car is serviced regularly, which could net you an extra mile or two per gallon.

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