‘Masked Singer’ Season 4 Winners Award

A new winner of The Masked Singer was crowned, and this time it is LeAnn Rimes who was at the top.

All season, LeAnn wowed the judges Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Robin Dickeand Nicole Scherzinger while secretly disguised as The sun. In the end, however, it was LeAnn’s last performance of The Story Brandi Carlile that put her above her fellow finalists Mushroom (Aloe Blacc) and crocodile (Nick Carter). Now, LeAnn has earned all sorts of bragging rights for winning the fourth episode of the Fox competition show.

LeAnn’s win was also a big win for Jenny McCarthywho received the new Golden Ear Trophy as the judge with the most correct guesses all season.

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But at the end of the night, the real winner on Wednesday night was still LeAnn.

So what does the winner of The Masked Singer actually got as a prize?

After the announcement as the champion of season 4host Nick cannon awarded LeAnn with the official Masked Singah Golden Mask Trophy. Every winner in there Masked Singer The story has reportedly taken the trophy so far (although the Season 2 winner Wayne Brady did allegedly claim he didn’t receive his trophy last spring).

Aside from that, though, there’s really no other tangible prize. Of course, given that the show’s contestants are all celebrities, it makes sense that no cash prize would be awarded to the winner. Then again, Fans have pointed this out in the past, it would have been nice for Fox to reward the award-winning celebrity with a donation to a charity of their choosing.

But until the network announces otherwise, the true price of The Masked Singer will continue to brag about rights and good publicity. At least with The Masked Singer With an average of 8.6 million weekly viewers, it’s a great way for celebrities to make headlines because they’re doing something funny and getting people talking about their latest projects.

For example, LeAnn’s win fits well with the fact that she just released a new meditation album called CHANT: The human and the sacred a few weeks ago. Not entirely coincidentally, she released a new single, “Throw My Arms Around the World,” on the same day of the fourth season finale. A great promotional plan if you ask us.

LeAnn isn’t the only one who has taken advantage of the PR opportunity created by a Masked Singer victoryJust look at the season one winner T pain. Like LeAnn, the R&B singer released his studio album 1TOP on the same day of the Season 1 finale. While it’s not clear if his looks helped him sell more records, it certainly got people talking his incredible singing voice Once again.

bottom line? Publicity, a chance to say you’ve won, and most importantly, loads of fun and wild memories are all the winners can take away from the show. Not such a bad price, is it?

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