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Ahmedabad: A 65-year-old man approached a city psychiatrist in May as Covid cases had just started to decline.
The senior is from a well-to-do family and her son is living in the United States, and he lives with his wife in town.
“His wife was infected with Covid-19. She was first treated in home isolation, but then had to be hospitalized. He had to go from pillar to post to secure her a bed. The biggest worry he had was for his own health – if he got sick, who would take care of his wife? said the psychiatrist. “He started to evaluate his life. He complained of insomnia, feeling tired and anxious.
As the second wave of the pandemic draws to a close, it has left many scars on the elderly who have lost their dear friends or life partners and struggled to move on. While the death toll remained high during the second wave, many feared contracting it or bringing it home for other family members.
At Jeevan Aastha’s helpline, counselors answered a call from a woman in her early sixties. The woman was also from the upper middle class with her two children living abroad for several years now.
“Her husband had passed away three years ago. She had a household help and several relatives, but she was afraid that if she was infected with Covid-19, she would not know what to do, ”said an adviser.
Experts in the city said the loss of routine, overexposure to social media posts related to the pandemic and the desire to meet children and grandchildren in person were some of the reasons for stress among others. for many older people.
They added that this often manifested as irritability or anger resulting from a feeling of helplessness.
“Cases have declined due to the reduction in Covid cases, but the need of the hour is to engage with loved ones, pursue a hobby or job that you love, and indulge in light exercise outdoors that can boost morale, ”said Dr Ramashankar Yadav, a city psychiatrist.


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