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“The crowd was amazing to be able to throw in front of so many people, it was a definite experience. Meet a lot of new people, new faces and a lot of names, but it was really cool to be part of this team.

He had six shots in total, each counting towards a medal.

Although he felt some nervousness when he arrived, he was able to gain confidence with each throw.

“Throughout the six throws, I kept increasing my distance. It was a really good streak I had, so it made me feel a lot more comfortable to have a really good progression in the competition.

He managed to beat 12 other entrants to win silver, but couldn’t beat England’s Nick Miller, who won the gold medal.

With his coach Dylan Armstrong supporting him from the sideline and helping him navigate the competition, Katzberg beamed with pride after receiving the silver medal.

“It was amazing. To be able to run around the track holding the Canadian flag was amazing.”

When he returned to Canada, his family and friends were there to welcome him, including his mother who brought a large congratulatory sign.

Katzberg plans to take the rest of the summer off to decompress on the island.

Canada came away with 92 medals in total this year, 26 gold, 32 silver and 34 bronze in games from July 28 to August 8.

Other Island athletes who have won medals include Nicholas Bennett, a Paralympic swimmer from Parksville who won gold in the men’s S14 200-meter freestyle.

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