Lashbaugh wins silver from Frankfurt for 10u softball title


PVAA 10u teams Lashbaugh and Frankfort Silver met recently for the Mountain Softball League championship. Lashbaugh won the title, ending a perfect 15-0 season. Frankfort Silver finished in second place with a still impressive 10-3-2 record.

There is always a winner and a loser, but in this group there is no loser. Both coaches were proud of their teams’ accomplishments and they should be.

“We finished unbeaten at 15-0. At this age, pitching means a lot. We were lucky to have great throws, and also the sticks came alive, the girls were all hitting well, ”said Lashbaugh coach Maynard Puffenbarger.

“The girls have been great all season, the parents have even been great. When you have just enough girls to field a team and you never lose a game, everyone’s happy. It’s been a great season. I will never train such an easy season as this, ”said Puffenbarger.

According to Puffenbarger, “We have had girls who have a lot of experience and who have played four or five years. We had girls saying this was their first time riding 10u, which is a big change from the coaches ‘field to the players’ field. Also, a lot of the girls hadn’t really touched softball in a year.

“We had ten girls on the team and most of them had played together in the past and knew each other. There are six girls who will progress and the other four will stay for next year.

Frankfort Silver coach Jonathan Rae was not disappointed with second place and got nothing but praise for this team and their achievements over the season.

“It was a great year actually. We had to beat the Frankfort Blue team to win a championship trip. We tied them in the regular season, but then when we faced them in the semifinals, we beat them 16-6 under the ten-point rule, ”said Rae.

“We plan to each have a 12u team next year, but when the girls hit 14u they’ll all be on one team and that will be the Frankfort High School team,” Rae said.

According to Rae: “We had eleven daughters. Nine of the eleven will go up and two will stay down. But, it is possible that these two could play. Eight of the 11 girls I had this year I coached. Overall I have a large group of parents who trust me there is no problem. The girls were phenomenal, especially since we only had five actual workouts. “

Overall, Rae is convinced Frankfort Silver has crossed the line: “We’ve gone from a coaching pitch to a kids’ pitch, and with last year’s absence it was their first year. with a girl live. We didn’t even think we would be a .500 team, so we’re very, very happy with how everything turned out.


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