Lara Logan Says “Exceptionally Well-Formed” Mexican Cartel “Real Threat”


Fox Nation host Lara Logan expressed concern on Saturday that an “exceptionally well-trained” Mexican cartel poses a “real threat” as it carries out “targeted assassinations, kidnappings” and other specialized hostile operations .


“They are exceptionally well trained. Their name is Elite Group and what they are are executors of the Jalisco Nueva Generación cartel which is CJNG and they specialize in targeted assassinations, executions, kidnappings and everything in between.” , Logan told “Watters World”

Logan explained that the CJNG, based in Jalisco, Mexico and led by drug lord Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, wears cellphone jammers on their uniforms and “adopted terrorist tactics in the Middle East” to target people with drones.

She further explained that they were using drones to “drop bombs on opposing cartels and the Mexican armed forces.”

“They use cell phone jammers to stop these attacks. They use them to prevent people from calling for help or calling their families when they are kidnapping. And they are also using them for maneuver operations. very sophisticated on the battlefield where they can mask their routes, they can mask their attacks, and they can also mask their way out of – the way they come out of a situation. It takes a lot of practice and it’s a real threat, ”Logan said.

Logan’s comments came after tthe so-called Mexican’s daughter cartel Boss Cervantes, alias “El Mencho”, was sentenced to 30 months in prison on Friday.

Jessica Johanna Oseguera Gonzalez, a 34-year-old Mexican-American dual citizen, pleaded guilty in March to violating the Kingpin Law, which prohibits Americans from having financial relationships with companies that aid narcotics traffickers.

Gonzalez was arrested in 2020 while traveling to Washington, DC, to attend the trial of her brother Ruben, aka “El Menchito,” who faces drug and weapons charges. She has been in prison for 15 months.

The six companies – which include a tequila brand, a sushi restaurant and an advertising company – have been designated to provide “material support for the drug trafficking activities of the [Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generacion]. “

His father, El Mencho, is the head of this cartel, according to the Ministry of Justice.


Logan said the CJNG absorbed the Gulf Cartel that had existed since the 1980s and controlled much of the Texas border. In addition, the Gulf Cartel occupied a “smuggling route” in Roma, Texas.

“New Generation Jalisco Cartel [Nueva Generación] absorbed much of the Gulf Cartel. That’s one of the reasons you’re seeing an increase in fentanyl along the border and other levels of violence, ”Logan said.

FBI Director Christopher Wray said on June 11 that there is “no doubt” that Mexican cartel activity is “spilling” into the United States – as the country faces a historic southern border crisis triggered by a migratory surge.

During a House Judiciary Committee hearing, Representative Tom McClintock, R-Calif., Asked Wray if his agency was aware of cases where foreign nationals crossing the border were deeply in debt to cartels and smugglers .

The Biden administration faces the challenge of a massive peak of migration across the southern border, with more than 180,000 migrants met in May alone. That is compared to just over 23,000 in May of last year, and for the third month in a row, he topped the most matches (144,000) in the 2019 border crisis.

Many of those arriving at the border use cartels to smuggle themselves or their children into the country. They are often taken first to hide homes and then deeper inside by smugglers who know how to navigate the treacherous border environment.

Authorities have warned that those brought into the country are often in debt to smugglers, who charge exorbitant fees to poor migrants. Additionally, gang members and convicted sex offenders tried to take advantage of the wave of migrants by trying to sneak past the overwhelmed officers on the ground.

The US government is currently offering a $ 10 million reward for information leading to the arrest of El Mencho, one of the greatest rewards ever offered.

Fox News’ Paul Best and Adam Shaw contributed to this report.


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