Kinahan Cartel ‘Key Participant’ Who Lost Home and € 10,000 Luxury Watch to CAB Revealed

He is the “key participant” of the Kinahan cartel that lost a house and a luxury Hublot watch worth € 10,000 to the Criminal Assets Bureau.

Our exclusive image shows Paul Gray – classified by the CAB as a trusted lieutenant to big gangster Liam Byrne – walking around with yob Leon Griffin before losing his possessions as part of the ongoing efforts to target Daniel Kinahan’s mob.


Paul Gray pictured leaving CCJ
Leon Griffon


Leon GriffonCredit: Niall Marshall

He was one of many young guns identified by the CAB as “Operation Lamp” when they moved to Byrne’s crime empire.

Also on the list were infantryman Lee Gibson and young men with close ties to caged killer Fat Freddie Thompson.

Gray is the latest South Dublin Mafia member to lose his home after Byrne and his close friend Sean McGovern also saw their properties seized.

Last year, the CAB investigation into the Kinahan Organized Crime Group led to the seizure of another property, two lots, four cars, a motorcycle, a diamond ring, four watches including a Rolex, Breitling and Cartier and € 16,850 in cash.

The High Court found that Gray’s house in south Dublin city center had been bought from a criminal associate for “€ 40,000 drug debt”.

And they also established how another man was “posing as the apparent owner of the house.”

The CAB took action against Byrne’s trusted partner after claiming he was part of KOCG “involved in the sale and supply of controlled drugs” and “operating in South Dublin city center”.

CAB investigators – which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year – also accused Gray of renovating the property “using the proceeds of crime.”

Judge Alexander Owens said in his judgment: “The watch found during the search for (Gray’s notebook) and (his property) itself are items acquired using the proceeds of crime. At the time of the seizure of the watch, Paul Gray owned or controlled it.

“There are also many beliefs in support of the bureau chief’s claim that the house was enlarged and extensively renovated using the proceeds of crime.

“The Bureau determined that the house was also acquired with the proceeds of crime and that the arrangement for the credit union loan to be deployed in the purchase was a bogus arrangement.

“The work done in this house has been very important.

The senior judge also ruled that Gray “lived in this house and had a CCTV system you would expect to find in a drug trafficker’s house over there.”


He added: “The kitchen unit was installed in 2016 and when asked how it was funded there were some absurd explanations.

“Paul Gray’s interest in this property was not limited to the kitchen unit which has now been ripped off and gone under mysterious circumstances.

“I am convinced that all the money came from Paul Gray and came from the criminal activities of Paul Gray.”

His gaff was recently released by CAB and is about to be sold. Its listing reads: “Originally built in the early 1920s, the property has undergone a partial renovation.”

He adds: “A new kitchen has been fitted with laminate flooring throughout.

“The attic has also been converted and, although it is not considered a living space, it provides suitable space for a home office. “


Following the release of the CAB annual report last Monday, the Chief Superintendent of Det. Michael Gubbins, pledged to continue to “deny and deprive” Irish criminals of their ill-gotten gains.

He spoke exclusively with the Irish Sun on Sunday after it emerged that a number of “new good citizen reports” had been forwarded to the CAB after the document was released.

And we can reveal one of the reports from a member of the public linked to members of a major drug gang.

“Good citizen” denunciations are made anonymously to individuals who do not require them to testify in court.

The CAB office agent spoke to us after it emerged that over 500 asset profilers are now working in all divisions of Garda across the country. Their role is to identify the assets of all those involved in all levels of crime before passing their information to the CAB.

The Chief Superintendent of Det. Gubbins said, “Given the constraints of the pandemic, it has been a very good year for the dedicated officers and staff of the Bureau.


“One of our main objectives is to continue to develop our divisional network of asset profilers across the country. Our role is to target all criminals in our communities, regardless of their size.

“Even since the publication of the annual report last week, we have received good reports from citizens of members of the public and these will be investigated. “

The senior officer – who has 32 years of police experience – is committed to increasing CAB cooperation with global law enforcement agencies.

The Chief Superintendent of Det. Gubbins said: “We will continue to develop relationships with our international partners.

“We already have excellent relationships with PSNI, NCA (UK) and HMRC. We also work closely with the tax and customs services and with all our colleagues in the Garda organization.

And the bureau chief has also promised to target the assets of burglar and drug gangs operating in rural Ireland.


He added: “The majority of our cases are related to drug trafficking. But we are also currently targeting individuals who have been identified as part of “Operation Thor”, which involves wandering burglar gangs.

“Local drug traffickers identified as part of Operation Tara, which targets local drug traffickers, will also be targeted.

At present, the CAB has 99 staff members who work closely with national Garda units, specialist units and local detective and uniform units across the country.

Following the publication of the report, the CAB explained how it had donated 4.2 million euros to the state in 2020.

In one operation, the CAB seized 85 engines from a Co Tipperary used car store as part of an investigation into a UK criminal gang suspected of laundering their money through the sale of cars.


The CAB also returned 5.4 million euros to the Nigerian government after an investigation into funds embezzled by its former president, General Sani Abacha.

And CAB also revealed how they seized a gyrocopter from drug dealer Clifton Collins, which had frozen $ 54 million in Bitcoin.

The CAB is currently investigating 1,731 targets across the country, of which 754 are based in Dublin.

Acting Justice Minister Heather Humphreys praised the CAB’s continued efforts to strip criminals of their wealth.

She added: “I welcome the agreement reached earlier this year to establish a new Community Safety Innovation Fund, seizing the proceeds of crime, providing additional funding for investment in safety projects community. “

Lee Gibson infantryman


Lee Gibson infantrymanCredit: Collins
Gangster Liam Byrne


Gangster Liam ByrneCredit: Crispin Rodwell – The Sun Dublin
Byrne's pad in Crumlin was seized in 2019


Byrne’s pad in Crumlin was seized in 2019Credit: Le Soleil
The Hublot watch has been seized


The Hublot watch has been seized
Michael Gubbins Head of Criminal Assets Bureau


Michael Gubbins Head of Criminal Assets Bureau
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