Karua says Azimio will free Kenyans from vicious cartels

Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition vice-presidential candidate Martha Karua has promised Kenyans that an administration led by Raila Odinga will tackle the cartels if elected next month.

Karua accused the cartels of plundering the country’s resources, making life unbearable for a majority of Kenyans as they seek to profit from fraudulent businesses. She lamented that an ordinary citizen “can’t breathe” because of the fearless business.

The only way to defeat the looting, she says, is to wage a serious war against them. She said this will be one of Raila’s main missions if he takes over from President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“Cartels are our biggest threat. They are like animals that prey on others. They have suffocated us and there is no more air to breathe in the country. Our job will be to take care of them and we will fight them until they let go of our people,” she said.

Speaking in a live TV interview on KBC Channel 1 on Friday night, Karua said Kenya’s biggest problem at the moment is rampant corruption which is largely perpetrated by people who have organized themselves into an illegal business. . His biggest concern is that the same cartels are invading key sectors of the country’s economy.

She told KBC Channel 1’s Harith Salim in an interview from her Nairobi residence that Kenya has enough resources to meet the needs of its people, but regretted that the same resources were being siphoned off by people who draw into the public purse with reckless abandon.

“Tukikomboa nchi yetu kutoka kwa ma-cartel, uchumi utanenepa kwa sababu pesa zetu zitakuwa zikitufanyia kazi. (If we free Kenyans from cartels, our economy will grow and our money will benefit us),” she said.

If the country can purge white-collar crimes, Karua is optimistic that there will be enough money in circulation and the country will be able to deal with issues such as debt, leaving one behind. party for development purposes.

She quoted the Auditor General who has publicly stated that cartels take about a third of the country’s budget. According to Karua, this translates to more than Ksh 2 billion lost every day by Kenyans.

Under Mr Odinga, Karua says there will be no more wastage of public resources and Kenya will get rid of trade unions that collude to make the most of Kenyans’ hard-earned money.

“Ma-cartel ni ngumu kupambana nao, lakini serikali ikiwa na nia, ina uwezo wa kuwamaliza kabisa, (It is not easy to fight cartels, but if a government has the will to fight them, then it can destroy them completely Karua reiterated

When asked what they would do differently to defeat the cartels, especially as they have gone through successive regimes, Karua said he could be trusted alongside Raila and that their track record could help. bear witness.

Compared to their political rivals in Kenya Kwanza, Raila’s second-in-command argued that they both have a reputation for fighting for a fair, equal and corruption-free society and that, so far, their names have not had not been tainted. She insists this is what Kenya needs in this time of transition.

“My principal Raila Amolo Odinga has never been involved in corruption. Martha Karua, too, has never been accused of corruption. Nowhere have we been accused of embezzlement of public funds. Instead, we have been leaders who defend our country’s resources,” she said.

Karua further maintained that to be successful in the war on corruption, goodwill is needed, especially from the upper echelons of power and that Azimio is ready to offer the same as opposed to their opponents, that she accused of never showing a desire to wage war against sordid.

“As senior officials of Azimio, if we promise to fight corruption, it means that our aspirations will succeed because we are not involved. But on the other hand, if those who are accused of corruption are those who lead, they cannot fight corruption, they cannot fight their own,” she said.

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