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SILVER LAKE, KS (KSNT) – One class is making a big contribution to their school lunch.

Tyler Seele students work hard to learn professional and life skills and they don’t do it by taking a real or fake quiz.

His students at Silver Lake Jr. Sr. High School worked on a new project this semester: the food to table program. In the school greenhouse, the pupils take care of their own box, each with a different vegetable. They need to make sure their plants are watered and growing at a good rate.

“It gives our children the daily responsibility for a life and a professional skill that they are able to exercise on a daily basis,” said Tyler Seele, special education teacher.

Early next week, lettuce and spinach will be offered in the cafeteria, bringing the students fresh ingredients from their own backyard.

“It really allows them to see something from start to finish. They started the plants with seeds, and then they watch them grow daily. Eventually when we harvest them it will be really fun to see the plants they have grown being used in the dining room, ”said Seele.

Students love the program. According to the teacher, whenever the greenhouse is mentioned, their eyes light up.

“It makes me proud because we can help people,” said James Meadors, a student.

When school begins in January of next year, the class expects to have a constant flow of fresh vegetables ready to be delivered to the dining hall.


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