Judicial rally: man fears being pursued by a cartel


A man in a company told the Kalispell Police Department he was “followed by [a] Mexican cartel. He alleged that his pursuers followed him from Troy. He asked an agent to take the SIM card from his phone, and the dispatcher said he answered the man’s questions “as best he could. [he] can. “

It looked like people were using walkie-talkies in the background of an apparent accidental 911 call.

A woman sitting in a car in a parking lot “acted as strangely as possible”, according to a customer of the same business.

A man walked into a carpet store and started “yelling obscenities”. He left, then returned to the back door of the company and continued to yell at the employees.

Someone said that he had received a tip that “a woman on the wanted list” was in a certain location. However, the appellant declined to give more information, his name or a physical description of the alleged criminal.

A car blocked a woman in its driveway as she tried to leave for work.

A man in a park southwest of Kalispell “inappropriately touched himself while hiding in the bushes”.

Two “very intoxicated” people passed through a drive-thru in Kalispell.

A neighbor thought a family was arguing, but said it was “too far to tell” precisely what was going on. The alleged brawl turned out to be “children playing”.


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