Is Google Fi’s New Phone Subscription Plan Good Business?

I don’t think much of smartphone payment plans in general. Unless you get a cute offer from the carrier, you may not be saving any money. And if you are stuck in a contract with no early withdrawal option, the device will be on you until the withdrawal, regardless of whether you still want it or not. You can’t even sell it as the buyer would risk the device being deactivated if you stop paying by installments Payments.

All in all, these payment plans can worth it if you find the right offer. Here’s a quick look at the latest offering from Googlewhat I don’t really mind:

Google Fi’s new subscription plan isn’t bad (for a slightly older phone)

If you’re looking for a new Pixel, it’s worth checking out a new installment offer from Google for the. to consider Pixel 4a. This mid-range Android smartphone may not impress you with its features compared to, for example the pixel 5 or a competing smartphone like Samsung’s S20 FE, but Google’s offering is a great deal if the 4a serves as a worthy upgrade for your older Android phone. (Don’t worry about the absence of 5G; you’ll be fine.)

Offer from Google drops the regular price from $ 349 to $ 216. To get the discount, you’ll need to switch to their usage-based Google Fi service – a pretty good option to save some cash compared to a traditional carrier subscription – and the device in monthly installments of. pay off $ 9. (If you increase payments up to $ 15 per month, Google’s subscription plan applies Likewise throws in Device protectionminus any service charges you would have to pay for a repair.)

Additionally, Google allows you to upgrade your phone after two years – presumably as long as you pay the same monthly fee to get your hands on everything the company offers at that point in time. Otherwise, just keep your Pixel 4a and stop paying fees, saving yourself the cost of Google Fi.

You still need to go for Google Fi. pay

Google Fi is billed separately in addition to your monthly phone payments and is available through one of two plans (prices are for a single line): An unlimited plan of $ 70 / month for any data, calls and texts you want, or a $ 20 base Plan that charges you $ 10 for every gigabyte of data you use. On the other hand, Google charges an exact amount for what you actually used. You’re not buying a “piece” of data and wasting money if you don’t use it all month.

In all honesty, I loved my time on Google Fi, especially the months I wasn’t a big data hog – like all of my pandemic life at home. Did I want to upgrade from a shitty Android? and To keep my carrier from paying a fortune for data, I’d consider Google’s offer. I’d really consider it if Google drops a deal on their Pixel 4a 5G or Pixel 5, but the Pixel 4a isn’t too shabby if you’re upgrading something old.

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