Inslee Should Offer More Immunization Benefits To Citizens


On Thursday afternoon, Governor Inslee expected to announce a new set of incentives, or “perks” as he previously called them, for people to get vaccinated against COVID.

So far we have seen a very volatile environment regarding the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated. Not from the people themselves, but officials from the state and other entities.

Recommended use of vaccinated vs unvaccinated sections at sporting events; Richland schools divide people at graduation ceremonies in Richland and Hanford.

We even spoke to a Richland family who won’t be able to sit with each other at the HRH ceremony … a husband and wife.

Today, it’s unclear exactly what Inslee will offer. Other states, according to news reports, have created everything from purses to lottery prizes of up to $ 1 million.

Some of these states offering incentives include Oregon, Ohio, and New York. More and more voices are saying that these kinds of incentives and the segregation of vaccinated from unvaccinated people are discriminatory.

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