I saved £5,000 in a year with an easy post-it hack

SAVING money can be tough, especially when it’s so easy to transfer it from one banking app to another while you’re on the go.

This Australian savings professional decided to make saving a little more fun and a little less easy to dip into your savings when you’re on the go.


The clever tip is ideal for a specific savings goal or a rainy day fundCredit: @emlucin/Tiktok

Em Lucin recently shared his nifty trick on TikTok and it’s so easy to do.

All you need for the hack are fun colored post-it notes, two cardboard boxes, and pens of your choice.

You can decorate the boxes according to the theme of what you’re saving for or just write your goal on the top.

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Simply put a number between 1 and 100 on each post-it and fold them into the box.

You can then pull out one post-it per day and put the cash amount in the piggy bank.

Last year the savings pro managed to accumulate £10,000 using this method.

“It was so much fun every week! We would both have spent it if it was in the bank!”

All you have to do is pull one post-it from the box a day for 100 days to quickly save £5,000.

“This year, I’m saving up for a wedding dress.” said the Queen of Thrift.

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Of course, if you don’t need to save for a fancy wedding dress like Em, or your savings budget is a little lower, fear not.

She says you can always choose a post-it from the box each week until you reach your savings goal, if each day is too much.

Em's wedding dress fund is on its way


Em’s wedding dress fund is on its wayCredit: @emlucin/Tiktok

“Make sure you mix the box well, you don’t want two big numbers together! Trust me!” She joked.

Viewers loved the tip: “I’m going to make this for my trip to Japan, thanks for the idea!”

“I keep putting money in a box, I’m like you, if it’s in the bank I’ll spend it!” A keen saver says.

Another added: ‘I thought it was a joke until I figured it out and it’s £5,000!’

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