I emptied the joint savings account behind my husband’s back

A frustrated wife has revealed how she shared a joint savings account with her husband but emptied the contents behind his back – after contributing just £30 during their long marriage.

The unnamed wife, from the UK, spoke to Mumsnet and told how she recently got embroiled in a row with her other half over money.


An anonymous woman, believed to be from the UK, took to Mumsnet and told how she recently emptied the joint savings account she shares with her husband behind her back.Credit: Getty

She explained that they both had separate accounts and a joint savings account, but noted that she thought her husband wasn’t “contributing enough to the household” – something he wasn’t with. OK.

Expressing her frustration that he had only contributed around £30 to their joint ‘entire marriage’ account, she admitted to having ’emptied’ it and emptied the contents into a savings account in her name.

The woman in question – who shares a one-year-old child with her husband – went on to say that when he asks her about the missing money, she will tell him there is “no more”.

And her daring antics received quite a mixed response online – with many urging the woman to reconsider marriage.


“I agree with what you have done. Dont let him keep taking the p*** or pulling you down,” one wrote, while a second added, “I think this sounds like a symptom of a really dodgy relationship … »

In the initial message, the woman in question explained: “The joint savings account on which I never contributed. Literally I think he paid around £30 for our whole wedding.

“However, whenever I say we have to pay for X, can you send X to me for this, he will say ‘you have money in the savings account’ rather than just contributing himself. “

The annoyed woman went on to say that it “f***s” her because she considers the money in the savings account to be her own, given that she’s the only one putting it in.

She continued: “Using it is like I’m still paying for everything. So tonight I emptied it. I put it all in a savings account in my name only and when it says” use the savings, “I’m going to tell him there’s no more.”

Angry, she went on to admit he would be “p*****” when he found the joint account empty because they had saved up for certain things – but furious that she was “fed up”.

I put it all in a savings account in my name only

Anonymous Mumsnet user

The woman also clarified that she and her husband earn the same, before adding that their household bills are not shared 100% and that she pays “a little more than he does”.

She added: “He’s paying the mortgage and some small bills from him, I’m paying the rest of the bills and ALL the purchases and ALL our sons cost like clothes etc and putting money into the savings…

If I didn’t have any money in my bank, we’d be screwed when he just pays his direct debits and then he thinks he has nothing else to do.”

In response to the revelation, many social media users have suggested that the fact that she took such drastic measures suggests her marriage is unhealthy.

“The fact that you did this suggests your marriage is biased,” one wrote. “A discussion is clearly needed because the way you both have handled the finances is untenable.”

A second agreed: “I find it telling that you described it as if you felt like you were always paying for everything….you pay for everything. Horrible situation,” while a third added: “Okeydoke. It’s time to start making your plan and preparing yourself and your child.

Meanwhile, another said he thought it depended on the financial setup.

“So in our house, DH pays more bills than me, but I pay into family savings accounts,” another commented.

“So yeah that money is mine, without DH paying for what they do I couldn’t save that money and so it wouldn’t be there.”

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