How to spend just $ 99 on groceries this month

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Keeping your groceries at $ 99 a month or less might seem impossible, but there are a few tips to make sure your trips to the store only cost you an average of $ 25 a week. By researching deals both in the store and at local businesses, and cleverly buying in bulk, you can cut down on your time and money in grocery stores.

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Switch to a discount grocery store

Find stores like Grocery Outlet and Aldi near you and start shopping there. Discount stores often don’t carry brands and tend to have a smaller selection than department stores, but restocking takes less time and you can find all the basics like fruit. Reports have revealed that fruits such as melons can cost up to $ 3 less a piece at Aldi compared to a neighborhood grocery store.

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Bulk buy

It might seem counterintuitive, as you have to spend more up front, but buying in bulk saves you from having to spend money later in the month. For example, if you tend to make a lot of sandwiches with meat for lunch, consider buying a ham, turkey, or whole chicken and slicing them instead. You can freeze anything you don’t use right away, which ensures that you don’t have to buy meat the next time you’re at the store. You can also apply this thinking to items like butter, which can set you back $ 5 a pound at the grocery store, or $ 11 for 4 pounds if you buy from Costco. While member stores have an annual membership fee, the savings could be worth it.

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Become a coupon guru

Instead of ditching the weekly coupon-filled ads that arrive in your mailbox without a glance, it’s time to start cutting them. But that doesn’t mean you have to act like an “Extreme Couponing” person. It just means that you have to look for coupons for the items you actually need, as discounts are only useful if the items are practical. Ten cases of grape soda, for example, will not benefit your life. Many grocery stores and warehouses like Costco offer a plethora of samples one or more days a week. Along with getting a free snack, the person handing out the samples will also have a stack of coupons handy for those who love the product, so don’t miss this money-saving opportunity if you taste something. that you would like to purchase.

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Go for inexpensive meals

A 12-ounce pack of chicken or beef flavored Nissin Top Ramen costs $ 2.38 at Walmart – a price you’re probably not going to beat. Cheap meals don’t have to be tasteless, so mix your 19-cent packet of ramen with cheese, sriracha, peanut butter, soy sauce, beans, frozen vegetables, Thai curry paste. , eggs or an inexpensive cut of meat for a tasty and almost balanced meal.


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Check expiration dates

While you should never eat something that is going to make you sick, you might be surprised at how often meats and vegetables are released for sale as they expire. Andrea Woroch, an expert in consumption and the economy, recommended for when you’re stumped on what to cook. The site allows you to plug in random items to make something from the foods that are in your refrigerator.

Another way to make sure you have double the food without doubling the cost is to simply double the recipe. Many times you have leftover ingredients by making only one serving of something, so double the recipe so you use up all of your ingredients and have a second to save them as leftovers.

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Last updated: October 8, 2021

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