How to Save Money on Diesel Fuel: Rocking the RV Life Podcast

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Fuel prices have been a challenge for most car owners lately, and especially tough for people who live in RVs and RVs.

Jeff and Patti Kinzbach, hosts of “Rocking the RV Life,” have struggled with rising fuel costs while traveling across the country for the past few years. The couple break down some of the ways they save money on fuel in the latest episode of their podcast.

A big help was the TSD Open Roads fuel card — which can save members 30 to 40 cents per gallon at select gas stations, according to the card’s website,

In this week’s episode, the Kinzbachs also talk about the best RV campgrounds with guest Tim Apel, who shares experiences on RVing in New England.

Check out the episode below:

In northeast Ohio, Jeff is well known for his 50 years of radio work, first as host of Buzzard Morning News on WMMS-FM/100.7, then on WONE FM/97.5 at Akron.

The Kinzbachs have lived in their RV since Jeff retired from the radio business in September 2020. Now Jeff and Patti have transferred Jeff’s radio skills to their adventurous podcast, while traveling North America. The “Rocking the RV Life” podcast is presented in partnership with and The Plain Dealer.

Listeners can access “Rocking the RV Life” through Spotify and Apple Podcasts, and on’s podcasting page.

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