How to claim missing Delta SkyMiles

To not see Delta SkyMiles in your account that should be there? Forgot to add your SkyMiles number to a reservation? Don’t worry, Delta makes it relatively easy to claim missing miles. Here we explain the steps to follow and some tips to avoid missing miles in the future.

Request missing SkyMiles

After logging into your Delta account, select Apply for mileage credit in the Manage your account section of the SkyMiles drop-down menu at the top.

You can submit a claim for miles if at least seven days have passed since the flight (some partner airlines take longer to process miles). If you are claiming missing miles on a Delta flight, enter your SkyMiles number and ticket number (found on your boarding pass or ticket receipt) to submit the request.

Ticket numbers for tickets issued by Delta begin with 006, while tickets for partner airlines will have a different prefix. If you don’t know your ticket number or SkyMiles number, you can speak to a Delta phone agent to get these details after answering a few security check questions. Simply call 800-221-1212.

And don’t worry if you’re not a SkyMiles member – you can still join after a flight and apply for retroactive credit for nine months before joining the program.

More tips on missing Delta miles

Keep your boarding pass

Savvy travelers know they should keep their boarding passes until the miles have been credited to their frequent flyer account. When you earn miles with Delta SkyMiles Partners, this tip is especially useful, as miles may appear slowly when SkyTeam partners are involved.

Add your SkyMiles number to every booking

While it’s easy to keep track of those missing miles, another tip is to always make sure your SkyMiles number is in your reservation and appears on your boarding pass prior to travel.

Learn about social networks

If you have your boarding pass and ticket receipt, you can contact Delta on Twitter or Facebook (via direct messages) to share details such as ticket number, booking class, and boarding pass. to see if they can help you. Otherwise, you will need to visit the Delta website for assistance.

The bottom line

It is always best to ensure that your mileage number is on your reservation and printed on your boarding pass before travel. But even if it does and your miles still aren’t showing, it’s easy to claim them from Delta. Simply save your documents like a ticket receipt and boarding pass as proof of travel.

Keep in mind that some of the cheaper fares from Delta Partners are eligible for minimum mileage accumulation (if applicable). If you are not sure if your fare is eligible for mileage credit, you can check by select your airline here.

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